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Feb 01, 2005 9:01 pm re: why email command subscriptions don't work

Danish Ahmed

Hi Lisa!!

You're always full of great insights!

This virus thing getting into SubscribeMe@YourCompany.com is new to me. How do you guys at EzEzine deal with it currently (besides phasing it out)?

By the way, in regards to people who don't have 10 seconds to re-subscribe... Your comment is where do they get the time to actually read the e-zine if they don't have the 10 seconds?

Well, here's a scenario (which I fall into, as well). Some people subscribe to newsletters, and they don't read them when they come in. They put them in a special folder (sometimes automatically). And, when it's time to do some research or to find something about a particular subject - presto, we do a search!

Love & God Bless,
[)anish /|hmed

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> lisa micklin wrote:
> Hi Linda-
>Ahhhhh the ol' email command option..... thanks for bringing this up, well worth exploring.....
>Here's my experience with this and why I'm not a fan:
>1) I personally wouldn't trust the security/privacy of my email address in a list that would allow me to be added simply by sending an email. Sniffers and robots can grab an email address very easily and often prey on sub/unsub addresses to harvest email addresses.
>2) Email viruses are your worst enemy with email subscriptions.
>3) a subscriber gets a virus
>4) that virus begins sending emails to every address in their book including subscribe@xyz.com.
>5) every email address in that address book is now being subscribed to some ezine they didn't want to sub to.
>6) same thing happens with unsub addresses.
>7) if this is a double optin, granted the unknowing address won't get added, they'll just get a request for confirmation, but that too is virally started. they'll be getting requests to confirm subscriptions that they didn't ask for.
>8) if you're gonna do double opt-in, the 2nd part should be web-based no matter what, to prevent folks from being added by viruses, robots and sniffers.
>9) if the 2nd phase is web-based, why bother with the email command in the first place?
>Often, the list owner won't even know this is happening. As an admin however, I've seen thousands of virally started opt-ins over the last several years. Thousands and thousands.
>We've been offering email sub/unsub commands in V1.0 of EZezine, but will be discontinuing them when we release the new version in a few months due to the atrocity of the above situation. It only takes one infected subscriber to instigate an avalanche of phony ezine opt-ins (or opt-in attempts for double opt-in), ouch!
>You said: "If I had to reply to an email, saying, "Yes, I still want to be on the list." that would be fine by me. I might not feel like signing up again through a web page."
>This takes me back to my question of "how much do you value the ezines you are subscribing to?" Are you, and this is a rhetorical question, really reading the ezines that aren't worth the 10-15 seconds it takes to re-opt-in to? Are you more likely to read the ezines that have email subscription commands?
>If your browser is misbehaving, is the ezine valuable enough to you to go to a web based form when it starts behaving again? When you get a busy signal, do you try the phone call again? (btw - This can likely be remedied by switching to Firefox or Mozilla browser, http://mozilla.org which has never mis-behaved for me in my years of using it.)
>Hope this is helpful,
>> Linda Bohrnerud wrote:
>> Hmm, I am a member of several mailing lists that let you subscribe by email - no web based form. I personally prefer this, because it allows me to keep a record of what I sent. If I had to reply to an email, saying, "Yes, I still want to be on the list." that would be fine by me. I might not feel like signing up again through a web page. Hey, maybe I'm fighting with my browser that day.

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