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Puzzled by spike in bouncebacksViews: 182
Mar 03, 2005 4:54 pm re: re: re: Puzzled by spike in bouncebacks

lisa micklin
>There were a few "no such user" messages, which is strange because people have to confirm their subscription by clicking on a link in an email my system sends them. That means there was a valid user there before that successfully received at least one message.

Robots can click these links. Scary, eh?

> There were also a couple of "denied" messages, including one from a long-standing client that has never "denied" me before.

People change their minds. Even longstanding clients have been known to click the "this is spam" button rather than unsubscribing. Regardless of why a message was denied by user, it is essential that your management solution removes denials instantly! If the message was denied by an ISP rather than a single user, that's a whole different issue that needs to be taken up with the receiving ISP.

>The bulk of them, however, said "unrouteable mail domain." Five of those were from one ISP but I have more than 20 subscribers from that ISP and the other 15 or so went through just fine. [Much scratching of head.]

It's possible that the domain server may have been down for a spell. To deal with these issues, it is important that your ISP uses a mail program, such as postfix, that will retry a message delivery several times.

>I use a system called AutoResponsePlus to send my ezines. It's installed on my server so its my own mail server that sends the messages.

How does this system keep up with and maintain bounces? In other words, bounces are an ever-morphing phenomena, which need to constantly be dealt with. If the program hasn't been updated since you installed it, that can be part of your problem. (think of it as similar to updating virus definitions in norton- it's on going)

Does this system "reverse DNS" properly? I can't see how it could. Reverse DNS is a big big big factor in deliverability.

These 2 and many other factors could be part of the problem.

Also, you say it is your own mail server, but aren't other clients of your ISP using this same mail server? Who knows what else and who else is sending via your ISP.

> I can definitely go to my ISP and ask them what gives -- any pointers on specific questions I should be asking them?

Well, my feeling is they're gonna balk at you even approaching them, cuz of this 3rd party software. My guess is they're gonna try to blame the issue on it, much as I'm prone to do in this case.

I truly encourage you to look at a hosted solution that specializes in bulk delivery. I don't care if it's EZezine, AWeber, or even Topica for that matter! A publisher should be able to spend their precious ezine time on content and development, rather than on administration. Please, reconsider, Jennifer, I think you'll be glad that you did! (unless of course you dig this stuff ;-) )


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