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How many of you fly with your dog below the cabin?Views: 240
Mar 24, 2008 2:47 pm re: re: re: re: How many of you fly with your dog below the cabin?

Marielena Alvarez
I have yet to fly with my dogs, but neither would fit under the seat (Shepherd and Pit Bull at 50+ lbs.). I doubt I would be permitted to have them in the cabin, they are not assistance dogs and would probably have to be muzzled (Pit Bull can't stand that and takes it off herself). My shepherd gets car sick, I can't imagine that on a plane, I would use all the barf bags!

My cousin was thinking of sending a standard-sized Chihuahua on a flight, he is small enough to fit under the seat in a carrier, but she had not planned to fly with the dog, so he would not be in the cabin. She hadn't thought of that so I reminded her it was a bad idea. Chihuahuas are yappy, so a diaper and a mild seditative would be in order. Depending on the length of the flight (to CA one way), he could probably be dosed easily enough for the flight. I need to find a service that transports pets for her.

I flew roundtrip once to FL with my cat (at age 4, now 12), who took a "sleepy" pill that made her third eyelid come up. She looked dopey, but was quiet on the flights (direct both ways), she can be mouthy, you'd think she was Siamese the way she talks. She was under my seat in a flight regulation carrier she could not stand up in.

Each airline is different, call and find out what you can do depending on the breed, size and temperment of the dog. Perhaps you could purchase a seat for your dog (covered with your blanket) and strap the dog to the seat. We strap our dogs in to the car (PT Cruiser), although one is smart (Pit Bull CiCi) and has learned to open the windows by herself (we now use the child lockout feature).

We gave our girls' cats a home at our place, adding two 11-year-old cats to our two senior cats, rather than putting them on a long flight to New Zealand and months of quarentine once they arrived. They would not have fared will in quarentine as they crave human interaction. If we had not taken them in, they would have been euthanized. Mr. Taffy and Miss Alex are affectionate cats who love to interact with us and have shown their gratitude in many ways, for taking them in, when the girls decided to go to university in NZ.

Some countries will not allow pets or will, only after quarentining them for months, including Hawaii. Flying with a pet should be a last resort, I doubt a train trip would be much better. We drove to NC with Frodo Doggins, the Chihuahua, where he now lives, we had to stop more often to let him out to stretch his legs (12.6 lbs) and go potty. He fared well, but Lady (Shepherd) gets carsick on a short trip for a nail trim!

Anyone know of a service in MD where the groomer comes to the house? The one person in our area, came out once but never returned our calls the next time we needed the dogs' nails trimmed. This was despite the fact that the pit bull was the best behaved for a nail trim, and Frodo was the worst! Now we have to take a car trip (poor Lady pukes every time) to the closest pet store that does grooming. I groom both dogs, but the black nails on my paw-shy Lady are hard to do, so I would rather pay for a house call.

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