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Aug 10, 2006 3:14 am re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Moving right along now...!

Martin Thomas
Hello Members,

I feel I should take a minute to share the manifestation that I shared on the community call... as it does relate to bubbles, and celebration.

Years ago we enjoyed a rare bottle of Champagne when our son Caspar was born in New Zealand.

I managed to find a Magnum bottle of "Drappier" Carte D'or and I remember it being a magnificent drop...although that could have had a lot to do with the fact that our new baby had arrived, and we were ecstatic generally.

Now the magic begins. As party of a “game” that my sister, my wife and I were playing together I was intending to manifest some fabulous champagne for an imaginary party in the future. We were thinking 5 years in the future, but now I realise that we don’t need to put a time on these manifestations, as it can actually distance us from the goal, rather drawing it to us…

Anyway, I wanted to “create” some amazing fine champagne for the party we intended to have, and as I did not have a spare several hundred dollars for that I printed a label that I found on the internet, and it was from a vintage [1979] bottle of Drappier Carte D’or.

It must be remembered here that Drappier Champagne has a white label which is more common, but the “gold label” is much rarer…

I printed this label off from the internet, and I showed it to my wife Jenifer, and said…”this is what we are going to be drinking”. [I was imagining this in 5 years time…I figured that we would have the money to buy it then with ease…]

Well, I did this a week ago, and this last weekend we had a party…the Pink Party that some of you may know about. One of the guests called me to say her plane was delayed, and she didn’t think she could make it. I insisted that she come, and in fact when she arrived, the other guests were leaving.

Our friend Philippa is a very generous person, but the last thing I actually expected her to pull out of her bag when she finally arrived was a bottle of Drappier Carte D’or Champagne…I had not seen it for years in the stores…

Even now I keep looking at the label that I printed and the bottle sitting next to it. Is that not amazing? I am thinking it is a shame I didn’t print off that million dollar bill that I was trying to locate online a few months ago to put in my wallet.

Jenifer knew immediately the Champagne was put on the table that we had directly manifested it.

After speaking about it on the call, I realise, as Marilyn so wisely commented, that the Universe was clearly saying to us…”Why Wait?”

So…Dear friends…Why wait? ,

“Let’s celebrate”…



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