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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 2146
Sep 10, 2006 12:32 pm re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

Marilyn Jenett

Part II: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun(ds)

Upon my arrival in New York, Harold Diamond had instructed me to come directly to his Park Avenue residence/gallery to meet him and his wife and to deliver the Brancusi, after which he was to see that I was transported to the Westside hotel he recommended for my stay.

I loved the feeling of the cold weather again after all those years in Los Angeles – it was very invigorating and I didn’t realize how I had missed the stimulation of New York’s energy and “vibrations” until I got off the plane. I left the airport to meet Harold with my luggage and precious cargo.

I was wearing a regulation Navy pea coat – the real thing – that I had bought brand new at a Navy supply store and had beautifully tailored to fit my shoulders and sleeve length. I wore the jacket over a sweater with an ankle length slim wool skirt and boots. The contrasting wool scarf and gloves completed the picture and for the first time in 8 years I felt cosmopolitan and “eastern”. Los Angeles is so warm and relaxed and we rarely get to bundle up in real winter clothes. I loved looking the part. Even Harold’s wife remarked how this California gal looked “put together” for this rare New York trip. :-)

Harold took me up to the gallery section of the penthouse and he had me unzip the canvas bag on top of a table. He had a really strange look on his face when I opened the bag. He looked at the sculpture and said, “It’s the wrong one.” I know my heart skipped a beat in that moment of deafening silence, but then he quickly blurted out, “That’s all right, I’ll take it anyway.” You see, there was a series of four of these boys’ heads that Brancusi had sculpted in those early days in Romania and somehow Harold had gotten the impression that he was buying a different one, even though I had sent photos. After a three-thousand mile trip and gingerly negotiating my way through two of the world’s busiest airports at the busiest time of year, my relief at his words was indescribable.

But what I heard next was the real manifestation and you will soon see why. Harold said that because I had traveled all that way to deliver the Brancusi, he was also going to pay me 10% commission on the sale although we never had any such agreement. It was always understood that my agreement was with the seller for the commission. His offer was one of pure generosity but he probably did not realize that he was in reality playing out his perfect role at the direction of the Universal Director that had already planned the payment of all my debts according to the script that I had written in my subconscious mind with my prosperity work.

For you see, the total amount of commissions that I made from both seller and buyer was the amount of money that was required to pay off my debts in full!! And with some left over just for me! And it was the part that was “just for me” that turned out to be the door opener to the career that I would never have imagined was waiting for me…but you’ll have to wait for the next section for that part of the story. One mysterious hint: “Calvin Klein” was also a major player in the Divine plan.

I will leave you here by letting you know that I ended up staying in New York City a whole month before returning to Los Angeles. Harold had introduced me to a friend of his, an attractive divorced art expert who added an entire social aspect to my trip. :-).

To be continued…


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