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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 910
Sep 13, 2006 9:28 am re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

Marilyn Jenett

I'm sitting here laughing. This is getting funny. Cosmic Relief, the critically acclaimed blockbuster, starring…appearing at a theatre near you along with the critically acclaimed blockbuster, Slice of Heaven starring…Call 1-800-PROSPERITY for show times.

At the same time you are all deeply inspiring. More than you know.

I had recently told one of you here - a published author and one of many who have often encouraged me to write a book - that I didn't know why anyone would want to hear my story, that it should be all about the teaching and not about me. I honestly didn't think that others would be interested in the details of my life. In the past couple of years, I had thought about a format for a book but it just did not come clearly to me. There are so many books on the subject out there. And as I have said often, if I ever do write one, I don't want it to be "just another book". It would have to be important enough to change lives. Now that thought is overwhelming and the whole idea very easy to cast aside. I call it the "Scarlett O'Hara approach". If you recall in Gone with the Wind, Scarlett's motto and method of coping with an overwhelming aspect of life was: "I'll worry about that tomorrow". Of course, as prosperity students, we don't want to use such a phrase. But her method is clear and probably not foreign to any of us :-)

When I began this thread, I truthfully had no conscious idea relating to a book. Since I had decided to focused this month's Private Community calls on the members' businesses, I had business on the mind and thought maybe a post about how I was led to start my business would be of interest, since one of the themes in our calls is finding a direction and our true place. I never did put down in writing the path that led me to my business. I only wrote about the use of the laws while I had my business.

As a lifelong prosperity student myself, I choose to release the past and live in the now in order to create the future I want. You must understand that the past does not only include those positive and enlightening life-changing moments; it also includes the sad times on our journey that we must learn to bless and release. And who wants to revisit those?

I then thought perhaps my decision this past month to completely release my corporate business in consciousness in favor of teaching had something to do with the prompting to post something.

But after all this reflection, that is apparently not the situation, as there is a story within the story that is unfolding here, and will only prove my contention that "synchronicity rules" when we are tuned into our connection with that All Knowing, Omniscient Power that knows how to do everything and wants to be our Guide. And I have found that often the reason that I am being guided in a certain way does not reveal itself until much later.

There is news.

I recently found a wonderful entertainment attorney/literary agent (synchroncity: unique and important combination) here in Los Angeles for the purpose of introducing Martin's book, Slice of Heaven, to the film industry and obtaining international publishing/distribution for his book. I am Martin's private mentor and also have business interests in his projects, as you probably know. I met Martin when I booked his island for my corporate client, Campbell, last year (major synchronicity). Martin, by the way, has also been "demanding" that I write a book. :-)

Martin will be in Los Angeles next week and we have set up our meeting with Paul. Paul did not know anything about Feel Free to Prosper or what I did.

I admit I was a bit stunned after reading all of your touching and inspiring comments about my posts. I had not intended at all to tell a long story. But once I began, it just seemed to spill out spontaneously. All of those details that have been buried in the back of my mind for many years suddenly surfaced and the story seems to just write itself.

Along with your wonderful replies and comments, I received a PM from the author member mentioned earlier, encouraging me to put all of these installments down for a book project. She feels that my writing style and the way I "interweave personal details"..."brings home the message." She wrote, "People want to hear about real people and be inspired by that reality," and she elaborated based on her knowledge and experience as a successful author of several books.

What is most interesting and enlightening about this whole situation is that I was hesitant to post my detailed story in the first place because I thought it would be considered "self indulgent" to focus on myself. I didn't think the public would care about my own details.

So now within a time frame of about 48 hours, the concept of "book" is bombarding me.

Prior to receiving the private message of encouragement above, I had sent an email to Paul, the attorney/agent, confirming the meeting time and giving him Martin's website and TV clip, as he requested. In that message, I asked if he would do me a favor. I sent him the url to this thread and asked if he would mind taking a few minutes and reading a couple of my story posts (there were only about three segments posted at the time). I asked if he, as a professional, would tell me if he thought I had the "goods" to write a book.

You see, although all of your comments are very meaningful to me, I also realize that all of you who are reading my story know me already, are familiar with my personality and intentions, and are very tuned into the prosperity environment. You are not meeting me for the very first time in a book. In a sense, you are like "family" and let's face it, are the opinions of your family ever really objective? :-)

So I felt guided to get the opinion of this person who just "happened" to be at hand, who was successful in the publishing industry and who did not know anything about me or my teachings.

I could stop here and it would make a wonderful cliff hangar, don't you think? (it's that budding author coming through again!).

But I won't. I will tell you what happened.

(Deep breath)

It was after I wrote to Paul that I received the private message above. And then very shortly after reading that message, I found a voice mail message from Paul asking me to call him. I wasn't sure what it was about, as we had already firmed up our plans for the meeting.

I called and the first thing he wanted to know is what I actually DID. He only read the posts in this thread - he had not seen my website (I never gave it to him as the focus was on Martin) and most likely didn’t look at the network except for this thread. I explained briefly about the program that I have been teaching for the past few years.

I had thought I might get a cursory opinion on whether my writing had even an ounce of potential for a book. That's not what I got.

He instead told me to go buy a specific book which will show me how to write a book proposal. He said he did not need to have a finished book from me, that non-fiction books are sold to publishers from book proposals.

He then said that I was to write the proposal and get it to him. He said that based on what he read here, he is going to represent me and he will sell my book to a major publishing house.

(Stunned silence)

(Regaining composure). MAJOR publishing house? He said, yes, not a small house, but a major like Random House. I have a book? “Yes,” he said, “you have a book.”

Even though I have only had a few conversations with Paul, I can tell you this. He is honest, he is professional, and he is no-nonsense. He will not waste time. As he put it, what’s 15% of 0? He said that he does not waste time taking on clients unless he knows he can sell their books. And on his website, along with his many credentials, is a long list of recent books he has gotten published for his clients – at Random House, St. Martin’s Press and comparable houses. This man knows what he’s doing.

Now what I have not revealed to you yet in this ‘”story within the story” is this…

For the past year, whenever I have given any thought to writing a book, or when others have mentioned it to me, I had adopted a certain unofficial “requirement” for myself and had even mentioned it to others on occasion. I said that the only thing that would REALLY encourage me to write a book is if I had a good agent or recognized publisher who believed in me and my ability. That would give me more confidence that the book would get published and promoted. Even better, if I was given an advance to write the book, it would prove that someone did believe the book would sell.

I may have complete confidence and conviction in the workings of spiritual laws. I have written lessons, articles and other material about prosperity laws. I know I can “communicate” in words. But a book? That’s a whole different story. I never set out to be or considered myself a writer. And the idea of even LOOKING for an agent or publisher? What was that, Scarlett?

After speaking with Paul, I realized that I had my Private Community call at 4pm and another call regarding possible private mentoring following that. I knew that I could not indulge in a good, healthy faint until later that night…


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett (new win)

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