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Sep 24, 2006 5:42 am re: re: re: re: re: Moving right along now...! Update on the Thomas Adventure

Martin Thomas
Hello fellow Manifesters,

I am on my way to Nicaragua to visit Little Eden Cay and attend to business, and it is definitely time for an update from Martin, considering all the wonderful things that have been happening recently, which have exceeded my expectations in every instance.

Thank you all for your encouragement and well wishing.

I am in Miami right now, and just spoke to Jenifer who had returned home early from the hospital with my son Caspar, who needed an injured toe attended to.

I would like to relate a wonderful manifestation which I find very inspiring and encouraging.

The doctor had stated clearly on Saturday that Caspar would need to stay in the hospital until Monday at the earliest, and this obviously was not what Jenifer or I felt was our highest good in the situation.

Jenifer makes a practice every morning of visualizing her day. All ways making sure to imagine the best outcomes in every situation IN SPITE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

This morning, she began to visualize the day before Caspar awoke, and began thinking that she would have a lovely harmonious day in the Hospital with Caspar, while our other four were at home, and being attended to by my sister Margot, in Jenifer's absence.

Then, in a moment of inspiration, she revised her thought, and imagined instead, that the doctor would come and do his inspection, and then announce that Caspar could return home, as he was so improved...

Well, about an hour later, the same doctor who had stated categorically the night before that there was no way Caspar could be released before Monday, came over to the bed, inspected Caspar's toe, and said. "Caspar, that looks very good, I think you can go home today..."

This was exactly as Jenifer had imagined. We were all thrilled, and Jenifer would not have to spend at least another night sleeping in a chair next to Caspar's bed.

I thought how often we limit ourselves by working within our circumstances, rather than stepping out in faith to expect the BEST in any given situation.

It is is the desired RESULT that brings the Universe into play to fulfill our wishes, no matter how difficult or unlikely we consider them to be in our conscious mind. It is the sub conscious mind that dictates to the Universe the desires of our heart, and then, in a moment, we can have them...and more.

We are one happy family tonight, and all is very well in the Thomas household. The choice seems clear to me...we can have what we want, or we can "get what we are given"...

We have the simple tools to create our reality, for our own good, and for the highest good of all.

Thank you Marilyn, for your teaching in this area, that our clear intention of a desired outcome, will allow the Universe to act on our behalf to bring the desired result to pass.

We have tremendous power to change our lives on a daily basis for good, not just in choosing carefully what we say, but also what we think and intend in every situation.

Hospitals, as most of us know, are places where much that is said is not of a positive nature, and most of you know that we live our lives as much as possible saying only positive things.

When the nurse asked Caspar if he felt any pain, he said "What does that mean Mama?" and jenifer replied: "The nurse wants to know if you feel well". "Yes" was Caspar's honest response.

When asked by the Doctor, and almost every one else who came to his bedside, "Have you got a sore toe, Caspar?"
Caspar would instantly reply: "No".

We are so proud of his understanding of the situation, and his commitment, at age 6 to only say positive things, and the simple and miraculous result, has beed that he has experienced almost no pain at all, and has been chirpy and delighful as he always is, in spite of the circumstances, which initially seems very serious.

Jenifer and I are encouraged by his attitude, and we are more committed than ever to ensure that we continue consistently to instill this principle in the children...


We started this many years ago with Lily, when she was not amused by the pureed spinach that we put in front of her as a baby. I taught her to say "I Love it!" with each mouthful, and soon enough, and sure enough, it was just a matter of days before she would proudly say, "I Love it!"
with every mouthful. What started as a game, became reality. and that is the simple reason why our children all eat bitter greens and salads, carrots and vegetables with RELISH now. They have convinced themselves of the reality that those things are delicious and nutritious, and so they are. And so be it.

As with Marilynís lessons, we must act as if first, and then, soon enough, if we are consistent, our reality begins to change, for our highest good.

We don't just choose not to complain, we go a step further, and make a positive statement in line with our desires, and so it is...

Goodness, I think it is time for me to write that book, and do a little less raving on the network...!

Abundant blessings to all,

Martin and family.


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