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Sep 29, 2006 9:07 pm re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Moving right along now...! Update on the Thomas Adventure

Martin Thomas
Wow, Afzal. It is exciting to hear your message. We really don't watch TV, but as I am travelling at the moment, it is so noticeable when there is a TV around, such as in a Hotel dining room, at the airport, in stores, and especially on the planes, where we are a "captive audience".

When travelling with the children, we leave the room if the news goes on, or we ask for it to be turned off. By myself, I think I am immune, and able to block it out...but there is something strangeley magnetic about the TV that draws one in all too easily, so I am applying the same rules for myself that we apply to the children. No Bad News, only Good News.

It is an easy thing to stop the "Bad News" broadcast at home, but less so out there in the real world. I remind myself however that what we focus our attention on is exactly what we attract into our lives, and that makes it so easy to turn my attention from the screen, and also escape the accompanying audio.

Our subconscious is like freshly tilled soil, and ANY seeds planted, and watered, ARE going to grow. It is easy to forcast what our harvest will be...

Based on Marilyn's Lessons, I am now deliberatly breaking old habits that have lodged themselves in my subconscious, and, as you say, this immediately opens up new and fresh experiences, which can allow our desired outcome to manifest...

I wonder what would happen if the Nine o'clock news opened with " it a beautiful day today on planet Earth, and all is well with the World" intead of " Fighting continues"...and "Seven declared D..d after a f....l collision in ....." " Authorites have declared a state of W..r in ......" Why do these phrases resonate so in our minds? Are we so hypnotised that we have become immune to the constant barrage of negative information and images that the News often conveys?

I think we should perhaps consider starting a television network which would only say positve things...!
Maybe this could be a project which you could be involved in Afzal? At first it might be treated as a bit of a joke, which would be O.K. as it would provide the media interest, but when the manifesting started to happen...people would pick up on the Idea...

Many years ago we were in Surfers Paradise, Australia, and on the news, the "Asian Crash" was happening. Immediately, everyone was talking about the effects on real estate, and it was really negative...

As objective observers, Jenifer and I noted that the negativity was spreading like a disease, and we could see it affecting the market. People were saying such things as "it is going to get worse", and " you can't expect to get more that $X considering the market" etc, etc.

We decided to be "naughty" and turn things around by saying " I just hesard that such and such got the most amazing price for their property", and " It is amazing the way prices are actually going up in spite of the Asian situation". Well, it may not have worked for those we said it to, but it worked for us, as we sold our apartment to a local couple shortly afterward, for the price we intended before the Asian business even happened.

It can start as a game, this saying positive things, or affirmations, but soon enough, it becomes serious, and the subconscious kicks in, and suddenly WOW!, miracles start to happen.

Food for thought?



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