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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 874
Oct 05, 2006 1:37 pm re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

Marilyn Jenett

Part XIV: Synchronicity is My Game

I am recalling highlights of the first decade of Marilyn Jenett Locations…

As I continued applying my prosperity knowledge, many situations flowed very naturally toward me. Looking back now, I really appreciate just how much synchronicity was prevailing in my life. Once you commit to and become accustomed to a “prosperity” path in life, it just seems like this is the way it’s all supposed to be. It doesn’t appear to be anything unusual. But we humans have become so out of tune with this natural flow in our lives, that usually when we do experience synchronistic occurrences, we marvel at these “supernatural” experiences. But I like to say that the supernatural is really quite natural. We just need to acquire the knowledge to understand this and become “connected” to it.

Eye on the Doughnut

One of the first things that I “attracted” was a call from the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau. One of their sales staff had seen an article about me and came by to sell me a membership. I had never belonged to an organization like that before and it required investment for yearly membership. I recall that the salesperson was quite pushy, and I thank my lucky prosperity stars that she was. I joined the Bureau and maintained my membership for 20 years. The greater majority of high paying convention clients and events that I attracted came from my listing in the Bureau’s meeting planning guide. I didn’t do any local networking with the Bureau or go to their events, but out of state clients would see my listing and call. Membership in the Bureau was the greatest investment in my business that I ever made (second to my prosperity studies, of course!). Clients didn’t just happen to find my listing and call. There were hundreds of event companies and suppliers listed in the planning guide. But I know that the clients who found me were supposed to find me and were the result of my continuing use of prosperity laws.

By the way, another pushy saleswoman saw my Times article and came by to sell me a Mercedes Benz. She was a very effective saleswoman and noted the virtues of driving a Benz with my new "image". I wasn't so easily influenced by this pitch and kept my feet planted firmly on the ground. :-)

There was one happening that stands out regarding my membership in the Convention & Visitors Bureau. One year the Super Bowl was coming to Los Angeles. I received a desperate call from Marge, the Director of Convention Services, telling me that they could not find a location for the huge Super Bowl party after the game (for about 5,000 guests). She had been calling other event industry members of the Bureau asking for help in locating a site. These members refused to help because she could not promise them that they would be involved with this large event. She told me the very same thing. She said that all she could do was recommend that the client (Super Bowl) use my services, but neither she nor the Bureau were in a position to guarantee that they would. She said that the client had already contracted the services of a major hotel chain who was handling all of the coordination. The budget for the event was about $1 million.

So what I was being told was that, if I suggested a site and helped the city resolve this major dilemma, it was likely that I would see no profit or business from it. As the host city for this event, Los Angeles was represented by the Bureau, and the situation was urgent. It was amazing that all of these professionals working on one of the nation’s largest events could not come up with a single location in Los Angeles that would accommodate the after-game celebration.

Enter Super Location Woman, Marilyn Jenett…In speaking with Marge, I had to make a decision whether to give away my information for no likely reward or follow the other members who wouldn’t let the Bureau “take advantage” of them for no reward.

The thing is, when you are a prosperity thinker and aligning yourself with the prosperity laws, you don’t think in the same way that others think. You don’t see the cup as half empty. You see the doughnut. You don’t see the hole. And as I said above, a prosperity thinker becomes accustomed to the synchronicity of events. You don’t analyze. You follow your intuitive feelings because those feelings are guidance from a place that doesn’t succumb to reason, rationale or practicality. I had come to consider anything that flowed in my direction as part of the divine plan that was the result of my prosperity work. And in this particular situation, I had the opportunity to stand out from all of those other vendors who could only see the “hole”.

With that attitude, I had to tell Marge yes, I know of a location (it flashed right into my mind). I told her I would call the location and find out if it was available on the date required and get back to her. I called the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and found out that the date was indeed available - which in reality was extremely unusual since there were polo matches and activities scheduled almost every day of the week. Unbelievably, that particular date was available. I called Marge and gave her the information. In my heart of hearts I knew I would not be involved in the $1 million Super Bowl party. But that was okay. I had followed my guidance. I didn’t question.

I had attracted many large corporate clients from my Bureau membership. If this situation was an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Bureau and to the Universe, then so be it. Even back then I understood the profound importance of gratitude in the growth of a prosperity consciousness. And I was beginning to understand the mysteries of synchronicity. So I didn’t question the situation that connected me to Marge. I didn’t know then how the city’s Super Bowl would plant a seed for my own Prosperity Bowl.

Marilyn Jenett Locations was the name. Synchronicity was my game.

That Mansion is How Much??!!

Some time later – I don’t recall how much time had elapsed - I received a call from Marge again. This time she said that a client was coming to Los Angeles and had contracted a destination company to handle their three days of meetings and events. However, the client was quoted an exorbitant price for the rental of a mansion for their final night dinner party. The client was trying to find out if this rental quote was legitimate. Marge again asked if I would help out and speak with the client to give her some advice. My intuition again prompted me to do it. I told Marge to have the client call me.

The client, Teresa, called. She said that the destination company had quoted her $36,000 for the mansion rental for that evening dinner party (that price was just for the residence rental alone - nothing else was included). I told Teresa that I knew the home and the rental price. I told her that the owner would want $20,000 for a party with that many guests (about 700). So it was likely that the destination company was adding the rest as profit. Teresa told me that the company had told her that they were not marking the home up – that the price was the owner’s price. The total billing with that company was $1.5 million dollars for three days. She felt that they were getting such a large amount of business that they should not be marking up the home to an unrealistic price.

As I also did business with the mansion, I called the owner and asked what he was charging. As I suspected, he was charging the destination company $20,000. Now Teresa had some strength to negotiate.

I told her to go back to that company and use the information I had given her as a bargaining point to negotiate the price down. She then asked if she owed me anything for my help. I told her no, she didn’t. I was glad I could help. I appreciated her asking, but I didn’t feel it was right to accept any payment under the circumstances, just to give some location advice. She was apparently already being gouged and my feeling was to keep a low profile. I felt it would still give me points with the Bureau and with the Universe. :-)

About three days later, Teresa called me back again. She said that the other company still told her the owner wanted $36,000 and they were not marking it up. She knew they were lying based on her “inside” info. She told me that she had signed the contracts with that company for the three days of meetings and events, but it had not included the final night dinner dance. And because the company had lied to her about the house, she was not going to let them have that final event. Teresa asked me if I would coordinate the dinner dance for her.

Oh, did I mention that Teresa’s employer was a company named Baker & McKenzie – the largest law firm in the world? That final dinner dance was budgeted at $142,000, billed by Marilyn Jenett Locations.

Marilyn Jenett Locations is the name. Synchronicity is my game. :-)

To be continued…


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