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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 758
Feb 22, 2007 3:30 pm How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVII: Seeing Souper Stars

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost

Don't be afraid to be original. Maintain your vision,
think big and the forces of the universe will come to your aid.

~ Marilyn

We have been hearing this business lately about "attracting perfect customers" and I think by now, this story has clearly defined my personal perspective.

New business clients have always just called out of the blue whenever I was ready for them. I never thought about how to attract them.

I applied the Universal laws and prosperity principles and I put my attention on the Source of my good. I have never put any attention on looking for or attracting clients. My attention remains focused on the Source, knowing that the Source – the Universe - knows exactly where the right clients are that have need for my services at any point in time. What I am seeking is seeking me. But I do not give it thought because the Universe is all knowing and knows exactly how to bring us together.

There may be no physical, outer action involved, or if there is, I know it will be “inspired” action that brings results.

For over 20 years that is how I have attracted my perfect customers - the world's largest corporations that brought the large budgets to do the large events. And they were always kind, appreciative, paid me in advance of all events (which was my policy) and often gave me repeat business. As you have seen, I simply rely on my Source, my Senior Partner, the Universe, and trust.

Little Chat With the Universe

So, we have seen that when I started teaching my prosperity lessons, the endeavor grew rapidly and I found myself totally immersed. But since my corporate business had been my livelihood for so many years, I became concerned that I was taking an unrealistic path. I was used to dealing with large budgets, not "token" amounts. But I felt compelled to teach as if it were my purpose in life (which indeed it was).

I became a member of Ryze.com in October of 2003.

In November, I decided to have that little chat with the Universe, reminding myself that the Universe is my only source. I said, “If I am supposed to be teaching these principles, please give me a sign that I am on the right path.”

It was two days later. I received a telephone call from a woman who found my number somewhere. I think it may have been in an old article or meeting planning listing. I don’t recall exactly. She was not even a businesswoman. She sounded more like a homemaker.

The woman explained that a friend of her son's was looking for a mansion for a week. I promptly told her that I was not in real estate, that I was an event professional. I explained that I could only rent homes for an evening for a corporate party or event, and that she would need to contact a real estate company for a week’s rental.

She said she thought it WAS for a party but she didn't know anything about the details. A party? For a week? (That really sounded strange). She then brushed off the matter and said she would have to check further and have someone call me, as she was just helping her son's friend. I didn't think anything further of the call and released it.

Less than an hour later I received a call from an associate of a marketing company on the East Coast. The firm had been looking for the right mansion for over six months for a promotion for their client but although they had been offered many homes, no one had presented the right image they needed – and the details were very specific. The estate had to have photographic and television publicity appeal to kids aged 6-15 years old – what we would call the “Wow” factor. And the home had to be available for the winner of the promotion to live there for one week with the parents and several friends.

The client was Campbell Soup and this was a multimillion dollar promotion directed at children.

I secured the perfect residence for them within a week or so. I had no previous knowledge of the home, but about ten minutes after speaking with Jeff at the marketing company, I had a “hunch” to call a certain vendor of mine (who had nothing to do with locations) and he gave me a referral that ultimately led to my booking the Malibu estate.

Campbell paid my company for the rental of the house for the one week Grand Prize and additionally, for the filming of the television commercial. This was a substantial amount of income for me and the best part was that I was not responsible for any other aspects of the event – the actual promotion and publicity would all be handled by their advertising agency and marketing company. Aside from handling negotiations and contracts for the venue, I would have no further involvement until the following summer when the fulfillment of the promotion would take place and I would be wrapping up the final contracts and details before the family moved in for their week’s stay. I had never attracted this kind of client or been involved with a promotion like this before. It was a completely new experience. It was perfect. It contained none of the elements of former events and it took no time away from my attention and focus on Feel Free to Prosper.

Vital Signs

And I said to the Universe, "Thank you, that was a VERY good sign."

I knew exactly what the Universe was telling me…

It meant that I was to continue teaching and helping people, knowing that all my needs are met and I am truly on my right path.

I also believe that the Universe felt that if I were teaching people to attract prosperity, it was important for me to walk my talk. :-)

And...it wasn’t quite time for me to completely release my corporate roots and identity. It was only time to release those elements that distracted me from my purpose.

Campbell’s Souper Star Mansion Promotion officially began in January.

But that was only the beginning. Wait ‘til you see the completely unexpected and striking manifestation that followed…

To be continued...


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