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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 510
Aug 26, 2007 7:49 pm Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance - Foreword

Marilyn Jenett


by Linda Alexander

Marilyn Jenett says she has the Universe on speed dial. You can believe it. And if you need just a little bit of convincing, this book will take care of that. I met Marilyn online, through a business network called Ryze. Marilyn started her Feel Free to Prosper program here on the Internet. For decades, she had been a student of mental and spiritual laws, the direct line itself being the Law of Attraction.

So I was attracted. I had a big-name title book I’d been trying to sell for years. Years! I’d struggled, selling my writing, selling other books, but never quite getting to the place where my special bio found a publisher. Within days of beginning Marilyn’s program, I had a book contract. I had that sale. Magic? No, the Law of Attraction.

Marilyn’s telling of how she came to grow a location company for special events from nothing - literally nothing: no previous experience, no employees, no business office, no capital - to where Marilyn Jenett Locations became known as among the best in the special events industry is nothing less than a fairly tale. Or it would be nothing less than a fairy tale, if it weren’t all true. Yet it is. Marilyn has been a student of the age-old spiritual laws for over thirty years, and it is in the applications of her studies, and her implicit trust in “the Universe” that she can tell such a free-flowing, easy-to-read, and absolutely engaging story. Because it is all true, it gives the reader a sense of being side by side with Marilyn, easily able to come to the realization that this way of life - it is nothing less than a way of life - can be their own...if they only believe. If they will accept the fact that their thoughts are their reality and their ensuing actions are absolutely the follow-through to those thoughts...readers can own their own life that attracts the positive - moment after moment after moment.

And that’s what’s so engaging about Marilyn’s story. It feels like a Hollywood movie. It feels like a sense of, “Wow, can this be true?!” It has that ‘gain equals gain’ build-up that many will say just doesn’t happen to everyday people. What brings the reader full circle, however, is the plain-language way in which Marilyn shows that, indeed, what she has achieved in her life is, in its magnitude and sense of fulfillment, a mirror of what anyone can achieve if they will just take the Universal Laws seriously and study them as if the direction of their lives depended on them. Why? Because that’s the point. Life, the direction of each individual life on this planet, does depend on the very scientific, spiritual, and, yes, common sense Law of Attraction.

I wouldn’t be writing this right now if that weren’t the case. I wouldn’t have ever crossed Marilyn Jenett’s path. Marilyn is a people magnet, and the beauty of that is that she attracts the people who need her, and the people she needs. The situation always works for good; that’s where the speed dial comes into play. It’s not Marilyn bringing the right people together for the right reasons. It’s the Universe, i.e., Higher Power, God…whatever terminology is most comfortable for a reader to call that all-knowing, all-seeing essence of eternal energy connecting humanity - that is the source of Marilyn’s speed dial.

Some call her an inspiration. Some call her a mentor, others a teacher. I call her all of those things, and feel honored to also be able to call her a friend, a friend with heart, soul, and insight. Read her “true tale of synchronicity.” You will be inspired.

Linda Alexander

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