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Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's ProgramsViews: 338
Nov 16, 2007 10:01 am re: Who needs the Universe on Speed Dial when you have Marilyn?

Marilyn Jenett

Susan and Members,

Susan, did you happen to notice that this thread of yours has had over 500 views since you started it a few months ago? It appears that many are interested in your prosperity evolution. :-)

Now, to the subject...a very interesting one...

I won't take all the credit for these seemingly "supernatural" occurrences - then again, I do believe I deserve more credit than the Wizard of Oz. :-) Besides, I always say that the "supernatural" is really quite natural.

It seems that you, Susan, have recognized this connection of Spirit at a different level than previously noted on this network. I will get to your experience after I give a bit of background here for everyone.

Many times in the past, students have noticed that immediately after we connected, they would have a prosperity manifestation - sometimes before they even received the lesson material. Here is an example I pulled from the network archives:


I have explained this in the past and I will again...

In my opinion, there are two reasons that an immediate connection with a prosperity mentor or teacher can produce instant results:

1. The first reason...

One of my great teachers was Champion K. Teutsch, PhD, an extraordinary man who was not only renowned in the US for his groundbreaking work relating to mental and spiritual laws and consciousness, but he was honored in many other countries. You can go to this thread and scroll down to read my tribute to him and his wife after he made his transition a few months before in 2005:


He was truly one-of-a-kind in this field and I was so fortunate that the Universe brought me to him.

Often when I went to Champion's office, he would state that as soon as I came in contact with him, I would tune into and pick up his consciousness. I would laugh about it in front of him. But then I would return to my office and some major piece of business would arrive out of the blue!

I was delighted by this but never really thought about it over the years until I started teaching Feel Free to Prosper and the same thing would happen with my students or soon-to-be students. Champion was again proven right, just as he had been proven right about many things in the medical and scientific communities.

We are all greatly affected and impacted by the consciousness of those around us. We have all felt the influence of certain people who lifted us up or made us feel happy or joyous and we have sadly experienced the opposite effect of some people.

So it's not surprising to find that when we meet someone who has a firm faith and conviction in prosperity consciousness, we can be influenced by that strong faith, vibration or "frequency", however you perceive it.

2. Now the other reason this happens is actually very obvious and easy to understand once it's explained:

When a potential student resonates to me and we connect, they acquire new inspiration and hope - the possibility that they have found the answer and solution for their life situations. And what happens then? Their subconscious mind immediately opens up with faith and expectation - and faith can move mountains. Remember the Biblical phrase about "faith as a grain of mustard seed?"

Even the tiniest bit of faith, when "sown," can open up our consciousness to grand manifestations.

We know that someone can be given a placebo instead of a medication and get immediately results. What is that about? Faith.

Now with regard to a situation like Susan's, she has been a student of mine for months now and has seen pretty remarkable results. So I'd say that her faith level is up there. And yet some of those old worn out patterns have reared their head on occasion when something triggers it. So she got caught off guard. But her subconscious mind wants to guide her and bring her back to her prosperity state. Her instinct is to reach out to me because I am her mentor and it has worked for her in the past.

She will find resolution when I speak to her, but in reality, here is what I believe is happening with her now.

I tell my students often that my definition of a mentor is someone who teaches their mentees to tap their own resources so that they don't need to depend on the mentor. The mentor teaches the eaglet to fly on its own.

However, during that process, the student can lean on me and allow me to be the "bridge" to get there. They can use my faith in the laws until they have increased their own faith level.

Susan is reaching out to Spirit for guidance and help. I represent her connection to Spirit - her bridge. But in that instant of reaching out to Spirit, Spirit answered her. The longer walk across the bridge was no longer necessary.

Spirit wanted to reveal itself to her, and did a perfect job of doing so - even before she could reach me personally on the telephone.

So I think the eaglet is growing her wings and learning to fly on her own. Or we can say, she is discovering what it's like to have the Universe on speed dial. :-)

She will then become a bridge for others in her life.

I'm honored to have been the one chosen to teach her.

~ Marilyn


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