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Feel Free to Prosper for Business: Metaphysical Marketing (Here on the Network)Views: 571
Feb 13, 2008 4:22 pm re: Feel Free to Prosper for Business: Metaphysical Marketing (Here on the Network)

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Hi Mariyn,

Thank you for opening such a timely topic!

When I first started my CPA practice I had 1 client, maybe 2. I was determined to open my own pratice and not be doing work for other CPA's. I always remembered what a colleague CPA had once told me, he said..."starting his own practice was frighteningly easy!" He said this 7 years before I set out on my quest. I had set MY mind to how it should be done to get started. I followed every avenue that I thought was best. I made sure I was associating with the "right" people. I thought I had to have the "perfect office space" in Houston, blah, blah, blah. It was not working.

In the meantime, I was part of an effort to build a new women's shelter in our local area. We were ready to begin groundbreaking and applied for permits with the city to begin construction. This created a huge disruption in the community because the people were afraid of having upset husbands show up and cause problems near the elementary school. Experience and statistics proved otherwise all over the United States. A town meeting was called. Hundreds of people turned out. I was there and I signed a sheet of paper as I walked in the door. I was thinking about being there to support the shelter, so I assumed that's what I was signing. I went about my business and sat down and began listening to all the citizens and volunteers and professionals get up before the group and present their side of the issue. Suddenly, I hear my name called over the audio system! "What?" I thought, my mind raced so fast and realized that what I had signed coming in the door was a roster of people who wanted to speak at the town hall meeting! I was not even dressed to speak in front of anyone. Spirit moved me from my seat and up to the podium. In my mind it would be worse to sit there than to get up...now while that is true for me, that seems directly opposite of what most people would think and feel in that surprise moment.

So, I walked up to the microphone and began talking...to this day I have really no idea what I said. It was like I was in a "zone" of some sort. I only recall stating something about statistical analysis and how results are reported and often misleading....

After I spoke for 5-10 minutes, I walked back over to the sign in sheet...sure enough, I had signed up to speak. There was a gentleman standing there and we began talking. He was a CPA. His name was Paul. I told him my goals and he invited me to his office. So I went, we talked, he invited me to join his practice and I walked away thinking, no, this is not for me.

So I continued MY EFFORTS on MY OWN..... and still nothing was working out. Every door closed. I was sitting in my living room one morning and finally turned to God. I said, "What do you want me to do?" The response was so simple: "A red carpet has been laid before you, yet you refuse to take the next step, because you have to do it YOUR WAY". Suddenly like a flash of light it was so clear...the CPA I had met was laying out a read carpet for me to come in with no money and take over his CPA practice! He had gone back to school to become a lawyer and wanted the "right" person to come in for the transition! I had been resisting for weeks! I thought that if I did did not create my own practice from scratch, then it would have no merit.

At the time,I had just recently been introduced to the mental and spiritual laws of prosperity.....I was really a beginner! But I opened myself up to DIVINE MIND in that moment, it all fell right into place...and it was frighteningly easy! This was my FIRST experience with being open to the Universe! Instant results once I opened my mind to receive what was already there!

The association between us goes on until this day. We have been friends and colleagues for over 15 years now. Recently, Paul and his family have moved to Washington state. I went on the build up his small practice and eventually sold it. Then later I created another pratice and sold it too. All business came by referral and always in Divine timing. I only placed one ad in the yellow pages each year. I would get one client each year from that ad, so it paid for itself. The Universe brought referrals to me through everyone of those clients that came from the simple ad. Eventually, I dropped to ad, I had plenty of clients. New clients just always showed up at the right time. Marilyn teached us the truth that Release is Magnetic.... it is so true..once I let go of MY limited vision, it all opened up. AS I outgrew certain clients and let them go, better and more challenging and more propserous clients appeared.

So what is my point here? Traditional wisdom may say many things to me...that does not mean it is right for me. Since that day, I have kept Divine Mind and Inspiration in my professional career as the FOUNDATION for success.

Now, as I have transitioned to my own coaching and mentoring practice and launched Claim Your Freedom Seminars, I am experiencing the same results when I release the outcome to the Universe and invite Divine Mind to enlighten me to right people, places and action!

Ok, time to go to Toastmasters, to continue building my speaking and presentation skills! see ya later...

Blessings to all, Kathleen

Kathleen Jaap
Business and Personal Prosperity Coaching and Consulting


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