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Feel Free to Prosper Valentine Workshop: All You Need Is LoveViews: 457
Feb 14, 2008 3:35 am Feel Free to Prosper Valentine Workshop: Loving Money

Marilyn Jenett
Valentine Workshop

Feel Free to Prosper
Valentine Workshop

Loving Money

Let's start out with the words we don't want to say and hear, but they may hit home and cause you to take stock...

Do you criticize money in thought and speech? Do you speak negatively of your bank balance or business income? Have you thought of money as a “necessary evil”, “the root of all evil”, “filthy lucre”? How do you feel when others have more money than you do?

Well, this Valentine's Day is a good time to take stock of these patterns and understand once and for all, that any of these ideas will certainly prevent the flow of prosperity to you.

Dr. Joseph Murphy taught...if you criticize money, it will fly away from you.

Why Is This So?

Remember that what we focus on we attract. If you focus on not having enough money, you will continue to not have enough money. If you envy someone else’s money, you are really telling your subconscious that you don’t have any. Your mind gets the same message if you live in a state of fear about money or give money a negative connotation. Remember, spiritual substance responds to our words and thoughts. Money has no more negative attribute than gold, silver, wheat, sheep or any other form of value exchange ever used.

How many of you are gardeners? How many of you believe that when you love your plants, you nurture them and they are happier and healthier plants?

How about your children? What happens when you love them and nurture them? Is there anything you can think of in your life that does not grow and prosper when showered with love and blessing and praise? If you love your body, it will respond with health and vitality. If you love your work or your business, it will grow and prosper. Well, you can also love money right into your life.

Dr. Murphy said that if we criticize money, it will fly from us. We must learn to love money. That means to love your checkbook, your bank accounts, your online statements – everything associated with money. Love money and you will attract it. Anything that you love, praise and bless will grow and prosper – be it human, animate or inanimate. Spiritual substance responds to our blessings and love.

I had one student who feared looking in her checkbook. I had her think of her checkbook with human characteristics and feelings. A feeling object that didn’t want to be rejected and feared. It wanted warm and fuzzies – love and appreciation. We laughed picturing her checkbook wanting hugs. She released her fear of looking in her checkbook. And she was well on her way to attracting money so that there would be even more to love.

Another student had checks jumping and running with glee into his pockets. This was an Internet businessman who used constant humor to attract money.

Do these methods feel silly? Will you feel silly loving money? Sure. Why not? I say feel silly all the way to the bank. :-)

Think of the larger picture. Aren’t you learning to “embrace” your prosperity? And haven’t we learned that the subconscious takes things literally?

Love money and have fun with it - and have fun making it. The more fun you can have with prosperity, the more you will attract.

What Is Money, Anyway?

I want to share a few excerpts from Charles Fillmore – the founder of Unity. These are excepts from his work entitled Prosperity. This is part of the introduction to my Feel Free to Prosper program.

"The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it. It is not affected by our ignorant talk of hard times, though WE are affected because our thoughts and words govern our demonstration. The unfailing resource is always ready to give. It has no choice in the matter; it must give, for that is its nature. Pour your living words of faith into the omnipresent substance, and you will be prospered though all the banks in the world close their doors. Turn the great energy of your thinking toward "plenty" ideas, and you will have plenty regardless of what men about you are saying or doing.

"The spiritual substance is steadfast and immovable, enduring. It does not fluctuate with market reports. It does not decrease in "hard times" nor increase in "good times." It cannot be hoarded away to cause a deficiency in supply and a higher price. It cannot be exhausted in doles to meet the needs of privation. It is ever the same, constant, abundant, freely circulating and available.

"This Spirit substance stands back of and gives support to man's every thought and word. It is ready to provide food for all living creatures everywhere.

"If we are to go forward spiritually, we must not waste our thought stuff in idle thoughts, in thinking thoughts of poverty, discontent, jealousy. We should positively weed out of consciousness all thoughts of poverty and failure, and in thinking or speaking of our affairs we should use the very highest and best language at our command."

[End of excerpts]

Now doesn’t this description of spiritual substance suggest a Divine form of love – the love of the creator for its creations. "Ready to provide for all living creatures everywhere." I can think of no higher form of love than the Love that Spirit holds for us. And all we need to do is open our minds and hearts to the Divine gifts. And included in those gifts is money.

Yes, you can love money - pure spiritual substance in the form of money. We have discussed what happens if you don’t love money. If you criticize money, you will repel it. If you buy into some antiquated belief that it is the root of evil or filthy, you will repel it. If you envy someone else’s money, you will repel it. If are afraid to go to your checkbook or bank account to see the balance, you will repel it. If you are in a constant state of worry or fear about money, you will repel it.

Isn't it time that you became a magnet for money and prosperity? Isn't it time for you to learn to love money? How about starting now - for Valentine's Day?

Here's a reminder...



~ Marilyn

Copyright © 2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved
Please contact Marilyn for permission to publish


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