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Feel Free to Prosper for Business: Metaphysical Marketing (Here on the Network)Views: 413
Mar 12, 2008 5:23 am Metaphysical Marketing: Knowing When to Charge More and to Charge Less

Marilyn Jenett
Metaphysical Marketing Workshop

Knowing When to Charge More and to Charge Less

 More And More

It was notable that when I started my business, I came up with a certain "minimum" profit I wanted to make. Within a very short time I didn't feel that profit was enough and I gingerly started to charge more. Then more. I kept stretching and kept raising my profit requirement.

NOW THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART: The more I raised my prices, the more I attracted higher paying clients. Each step forward helped me release the fear that I couldn't get more (or that maybe I wasn't worth more).

The caliber of client I attracted was directly related to the amount of profit I required for myself. The more I claimed for myself, the more the Universe brought to me the clients who had the ability to pay and to accommodate my elevated prosperity consciousness. And the more I continued applying the prosperity principles, the more I claimed for myself.

Over time I completely eliminated the type of events that required much more work for much less money. I realize now that I was creating that "vacuum" for new, higher paying clients to arrive. And they kept arriving. And new circumstances opened up to attract them.

The Universe will find a way to bring us the rewards that we claim for ourselves. But we must claim it - boldly - and know we deserve it. When we release the fear and doubt, the Universe will rush to support us.

We must make a decision. We are operating from integrity, we have a viable and valuable product or service to offer, there are plenty of clients or customers who will benefit from what we have to offer, and we deserve to be rewarded appropriately.

When Less Is More…

Okay, let's say you have reached a point where you know that you deserve to be rewarded fairly for your efforts and you charge accordingly. But there are certain times, if you let your intuition guide you, when you may feel prompted to give your services for much less than your usual value. At those times you are "tuned in" and you may not know why you feel it is the right decision, but you just know and feel that it is. You don't think twice about it. These are times when you are being guided by an unseen hand - your higher self is directing you because there is more to the story than meets the eye.

A client, Michelin North America, was referred to me years back, for a relatively small event. They were showcasing their new "designer" tires to the local auto industry with a reception at our city’s automotive museum. They had invited only a few special guests, had already booked the museum so there was no profit for me there, and in short, there was a rather meager budget. The corporation, located in South Carolina (I'm in Los Angeles), didn't participate in conventions here, so there didn't seem to be much prospect for future business from them.

But my inner voice said "Do it!" I coordinated the small event and gave it my best, the client expressed appreciation and that was that.

A couple of months later I heard from the client again...they were planning to fly 250 of their best dealers from the East Coast to Los Angeles to celebrate New Year's Eve in grand style at the auto museum and to attend the Rose Parade, in which Michelin had a float. The celebration was commemorating the 100th Anniverary of Bibendum, the Michelin Man.

That New Year's Eve gala was a six figure billing from my company, Marilyn Jenett Locations. And “Bib” was a big hit at his birthday party and on his float in the parade.

In the years following that event I coordinated two other events here in Los Angeles for Michelin, including a huge media event that showcased 90 environmental cars, for which Edouard Michelin himself flew in from France. This is especially notable in that the event took place in October 2001, a month after 9/11!

It was generally known that following 9/11, the world turned upside down and special events were cancelled far and wide. People were not flying. Anthrax was major news. The hospitality and events industries were impacted greatly.

But the Michelin event I coordinated above, which was actually a part of a three-day itinerary in three cities, went on as planned.

When we boldly claim our good, all of the forces of the Universe will come into play to fulfill our expectations, sometimes in the disguise of "little packages."  When you listen to that inner voice…it will tell you when the little packages contain diamonds.

Would you like to have personal guidance about growing your business and increasing your prices to earn the income you deserve? Contact me about becoming a private mentoring student.

~ Marilyn

© Copyright 2003-2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved


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