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I Am SO Proud to Be an American TonightViews: 372
Nov 10, 2008 10:47 pm re: I Am SO Proud to Be an American Tonight

Marilyn Jenett

Following are some of the wonderful replies I received from my newsletter subscribers...


I am in full agreement with your viewpoint and article.

I do think this was a long overdue correction in the American approach to the world and themselves which has been now set in motion by this set of election results.
The path is long and the task ahead is onerous ..Obama is just a messenger in this journey ..the message and the action have to still evolve ..and all Americans and the global citizens who are concerned about making the world a better place to live in both for ourselves and our progeny ..should look at the future with better expectation and conviction that "yes we can."




Thank you for your post - I do "get it." Do you have a link to the message board with this discussion? I'm interested in seeing it if it is still live.

I am proud as a future American (still only a Canadian).


Hello Marilyn,

Thank you for your message. I too felt this election was a huge leap forward for our Nation, regardless of the candidates, who won or not. I feel something huge shifted energetically for the whole nation, and I feel so much Light pouring in. It was actually a very emotional for me in a very spiritual way. I AM so grateful. Just SO Grateful! To be on the planet at this time, to be part of this great nation that was so divinely inspired from the get go. It is true, we have come SO FAR in such a relatively short time.

I feel so much gratitude about so much. Thank you again for the part you played in my awakening to rise up and be willing to do my special part in the whole play.

Lots of Love to you, Prosperity Queen!

Shondra ~ Rose of Light

I Love you, M.

ROCK on ...


Thank you, Marilyn.

My history thoughts don't go back to Lincoln, but to the 1960's when a generation realized the difference between what people thought they were doing and what they really were doing. I think my pride in this country began to wane when I saw on our tiny television screen the violence "down South"--a land far away from Maine where I lived. I was horrified when Mom told me these dogs and beatings and the passive resistance were happening in my own America...my God Bless America, salute the flag and cheer America. I remember replying to Mom, "But these are People!" She got real quiet and left the room.

One summer I came home from college with a friend. Mom hadn't asked about skin color and I never thought of it. I should have I suppose. My friend didn't stay long and I left home a couple days later. Home was never "home" again.

There are only, what? Thirty to fifty years between the "60's" and today. With all so very much hate in all skin colors for every other skin color in this country, it is TOTALLY AMAZING that this election has even happened.

This Presidential election has not only given me hope that maybe I can begin to believe in my country again; but maybe I can begin to have real pride again. It's only a tiny seed just now, but planted. Rain comes.

I did vote for Mr. Obama. This is the beginning of what I meant when, in the 1960's, with tears streaming down my face I sang with others, "We shall overcome, we shall overcome. We shall overcome some day. Oh deep in my heart, I know that I do believe we shall overcome someday. Black and white together, Black and white together....We shall build a new world, we shall build a new world, we shall build a new world (today) Oh deep in my heart I know that I do believe we shall build a new world." November 4th about 10pm I stood and with fresh tears of joy, honor and pride, I sang again. We shall overcome. We shall be one nation of many peoples, races, beliefs, and personal worlds...we shall become "America" again.

Marilyn, I'm weeping again... :-)

Affirmations, positive thinking, staying in the now, being filled to overflowing with the Light of Love--- yes.

Thanks so much for sending this newsletter. May you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

Love you.

(Patricia AJ Allen)

Dear Marilyn,

Just saw this. I read your original post, I didn't desire to read the "arguments." I get it. Reading your post makes me tear up all over again. Everyone I was "tweeting" with election eve gets this. This is amazing. Every time I see a picture of the new First Family my heart splits wide open and love pours out. I want to shout "we have a First Family of color! How beautiful they are!"

This is a new level of vibrational reality. This is spiritual evolution. Five years ago this could not have happened, the vibration was not right.

An African American man has won the highest office in the land only 145 years after the time when President Elect Obama could have been sold as a slave. How far we have come. In addition he doesn't even have an American name... his name has been the target of many detractors during the campaign. Barack Hussein Obama our President Elect. We have come so far.

What is also historic is that the Administration is continuing the transparency (via websites, blogs and twitter) of the campaign during the transition and the Administration. Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel has twitter feed and Al Gore just set up shop on twitter a few days ago and indicated that he (a good friend of Barack Obama's) will have a (yet to be announced) Cabinet position presiding over eco-friendly alternative energy solutions. The President Elect and the new Administration has set up a website and a blog with an RSS feed. This is truly going to be an accessible Presidency. Historic.

I can't wait to watch it all unfold!

Blessings and Love


Dear Marilyn,

I am sharing this from a friend. I just saw it again clearing out emails, she says it so perfectly:

"Yes, the Obama family will be living in a house that was built by slaves. I heard that and started crying and thought---what a transformation for this country. I'm hoping that racism ends and people will look through colorblind eyes."

Beautiful, amazing and I am glad I am here witnessing this right now. We are One.

With Love,


Yes, Marilyn, I am right with your sentiments. Although I have not had access to the thread, I believe that you have been misunderstood by any who responded with vitriolic comments, etc.

God bless,


Back in Boston …could not find your post or replies on Ryze anywhere… however, read your newsletter and I FULLY understood what you were saying on a spiritual level. And I can understand also how some people, with their filters and beliefs could have misunderstood what you wrote.

My former partner said he never thought he would live long enough to see a black man elected president! McCain’s final concession speak was utterly and totally amazing as well. It IS all about a SHIFT in consciousness. Most of my friend KNEW it did not matter who won. We were here to support, with love, the new shift we knew was coming. It is beautiful it happens to be Obama, however, I would have supported with loving visions, the other side as well…because in order to create Unity, I must LIVE it first.

Love, Morgine

The Animal Translator

Yes, Marilyn, I do understand your point of view. I understand, also, the people whose nerves were so on edge they felt the need to politicize your comments. If they, like I, were the odd person out in their family or community, and if they, like I, heard the vehemence that was pouring toward them from the mouths of people they loved and cared about, no doubt it was quite hard to stand grounded spiritually and emotionally. It is unfortunate and sad for me to realize that politics since the days when Lee Atwater opened a Pandorah's box have sought to make that very connection, resulting in those remarks on the post.

The idea of linking our deepest emotions directly to politics and making the politics not about facts but feelings has created a firestorm that even Attwater regretted. (As a native New Mexican I can't help but link the similar comments made by the scientists after they witnessed the first Atomic Bomb test in Alamagordo, NM, when they realized they'd let the genie out of bottle.)

Anyway, back to your statement and my reply...The comments your post elicited certainly point out that the need for coaching and spiritual foundation work is alive and well. Many are rotating off their grounded center and may not even recognize it

My wish is that at the end of this commentary fire storm, those who have participated will step back and realize their need for getting back to their spiritual and emotional basic training, perhaps seeking your wisdom to do so!

All the best, Marilyn, and keep up your wonderful work.


Marilyn, I, too am proud to be an American in this day and age where anything is possible. I am so proud of my country. I think this is a new beginning for us all. Thank you for your comments. I know a lot of people are so disappointed, but we are in good hands.

Gail McFadden


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett (new win)

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