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Would like your help in me accomplishing this goalViews: 346
Nov 15, 2008 10:11 am re: Would like your help in me accomplishing this goal

Marilyn Jenett

Okay, Sharron, here are the cold hard facts about prosperity laws.

Note what you wrote here:

"My plan is to affirm, visualize, pray and believe with expectation that not only will I get my Toyota Highlander, but I will get it with very low interest and low payments with nothing down."

You see, our words really are the mirror of what is brewing beneath the surface in our deeper mind. And your words indicate that you "will" get your car.

But in consciousness - and to our subconscious mind - it is always NOW. There is no future (or past) in the subconscious. It only knows NOW. And the subconscious will create for us according to what it believes is an existing reality - NOW.

Also, keep in mind that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined act.

So when you say that you "will" get something, what are you REALLY telling your subconscious? Anyone want to guess before reading on?


You are actually telling your subconscious that you don't have it now.

The key to manifesting our desire is not to push our desire into the future. The key is to "have" it right now in consciousness.

I don't believe that looking at pictures, vision boards, etc. really does the job. Millions of people are doing that and not manifesting what they want. As long as we are looking at something "out there" we are not living it - or shall I say "in it."

One person did the same thing you are doing with the photo of the car he wanted. Well, he thought it was amazing that he suddenly started seeing that car all over town - same model, color, just like in the photo. He thought he was manifesting. I explained to him that if he was truly manifesting, then that car would be in his garage - not all over town. He got it. :-)

Some time ago I posted about the most effective way to visualize to manifest. I also turned the post into an article. The example in the post is a camera, not a car, but it doesn't matter what the subject is. It's the process that's important.

I will send you to the post so that you can see the reply from Bev, a student of mine whom I had mentioned in the post. Bev really "got it." And we can learn from her experience. You will see what Bev did to visualize in the most effective way...

So, go to this link and read my post and the replies...


You will notice that in my last reply, even though the post was not about cars - I mentioned a "trade in." Haha.

The article is also published here...


So, Sharron, stop forcing the issue. There is no such thing as "planning" to believe. You either believe or you don't.

Just have your car. Be in it. Feel the joy of ownership. Feel the joy of the answered prayer, as Dr. Murphy would say.

Stop wanting and working to try to make it happen. Just "have" it. Nike says "Just do it." I say, "Just have it." :-)

I gave one of my private students a wonderful affirmation yesterday. It relates to a teacher of mine decades ago who passed away. But her gift stayed with me. Janet used to give us little affirmation cards that had just one thing on it: Expect a Miracle.

So I gave my student this affirmation:

"I expect a miracle and I get it!"

or simply, "I expect a miracle."

And she emailed me tonight with a miracle. You'll be getting all the details soon.


Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program


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