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"By George, She's Got It!" - A Legendary Broadway Play and Film Reveals the Real SecretViews: 297
Feb 01, 2009 11:00 am And, By George...This FFTP Student Really Got It!

Marilyn Jenett
Felicia Testimonial

In response to my newsletter issue above, "By George, She's Got It!"...I received an email that was so exciting to me. I told the woman who wrote that this is why I just love this business - so I can get stories of victory just like this!
I thanked her for taking the time to write and share this - and validating the effectiveness of my material. "Falling off the wagon" is really just those old patterns that die hard and sneak up unexpectedly. Many of my students - even if they don't fall off - do periodically return to Lesson One and start manifesting all over again. It's like car maintenance (I just had my car serviced and picked it up today so that was fresh on my mind) - we service our engine so that it runs smoothly. Shouldn't we do that with our consciousness?

Here's her message of victory posted with her approval. I felt it should be posted anonymously for business privacy.

Dear Marilyn, 

I just had to let you know.

I’m sure over the years you’ve had many of your students “fall off the wagon” as it were with the prosperity lessons and end up dealing with many of the same problems they had before.

Well, that was me. 

We had loads of money pouring in.  I made more money last year in my business than I had as a part-time college professor or in almost all of my full-time corporate jobs.  My husband’s business was also doing quite well.  I got busy; I got complacent and I stopped doing the lessons for the most part.  Then one thing after another started happening: unexpected medical bills, credit card issues, etc.  And a few weeks ago when we suddenly found out we’d have to pay a very big chunk of taxes – we found ourselves in a place where I wasn’t sure how I’d pay this month’s bills.

Enough was enough. 

Last Sunday I decided to get back on the prosperity wagon.  I pulled out my written affirmations from your Lesson One and got to work in my gratitude journal, saying the Prayer of Jabez, writing your lesson phrases and affirming them on my way to sleep, and being more aware of my language.

THE VERY NEXT MORNING after I started writing the affirmations I had an in studio radio show interview.  There were 4 people in the studio.  All 4 said they wanted to work with me or take my class.  I already have made $525 from one of them (in the bank now!).  The next day “out of the blue” I got an order for a $97 product that I had not promoted AT ALL.  Two days after that, I had a Teleseminar where I converted about 30% of the audience making me $235 during a 90-minute call and that will be residual income for month after month because it is a monthly program. All week long I have been manifesting other amazing things as well, including free expert help & advice which will make me even more money very soon.   All that is good.  But I still needed a way to pay both the bills and the hefty $2000 mortgage.  

Then the mail came yesterday. 

In the mail was a check for $3500.  The mortgage is due payable online by tomorrow.  So 2 days before I needed it, the money arrived, literally and completely OUT OF THE BLUE.  We had no idea it was coming.

So when I saw your email come in today, I thought you were talking about me.  Because, by George, I’ve got it.

Thanks for the lessons & tell your folks if any of them fall off the wagon, they can just jump right back into the flow.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett (new win)

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