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"How I Manifested $1.7 Million" (Feel Fre to Prosper Student Endorsement and 72-Hr. Offer)Views: 745
Jul 01, 2010 1:26 pm "How I Manifested $1.7 Million" (Feel Fre to Prosper Student Endorsement and 72-Hr. Offer)

Marilyn Jenett
Feel Free to Prosper Newsletter - Marilyn Jenett, renowned prosperity teacher

The Feel Free to Prosper Newsletter
July 1, 2010  ISSN 1939-8646  Volume 8 Issue 24  
Marilyn Jenett
"How I Manifested $1.7 Million"  (72 Hr. Offer) 

Dear Feel Free to Prosper Network Members,

I just sent this newsletter issue to my subscribers...

One of my ablest students, who has been with me for over six years, has asked to speak to you today.
I first met Lawrence on one of my earliest Feel Free to Prosper teleconferences in 2004. At the time, he was just crawling out from personal bankruptcy and awaiting the birth of his first son. He was determined to make meaningful changes in his business and life.
Here's how it happened, in his own words.
Lawrence, take it away...

How I Manifested 1.7 Million Dollars (And More...)
(From: Lawrence Bernstein)
In a moment, I'd like to share with you how Marilyn's 'Feel Free To Prosper' teachings helped me to manifest 1.7 million dollars in just a year...and much more.
Now, I understand this may seem like an unfathomable sum of money.
If someone had told me even two years prior to that wondrous manifestation that such things were possible, I would not have believed it. At the time, a simple walk to the mailbox filled me with dread because I knew I'd be greeted with a batch of bills I'd have trouble paying.
It felt like I was living under a financial dark cloud, yet somehow I kept my dreams alive: the things I wished to do, places I wanted to travel to and experiences I hoped to have kept me motivated. Yet, with each passing day it felt like the flame inside burned a little dimmer. My lack consciousness kept me shackled this way for years.
Gratefully, I learned once you create the kind of prosperity consciousness that Marilyn reveals in her training...a world of exciting possibilities begins to open.
Now, I'm not asking you to accept anything just yet.
All I ask is for you to reserve judgment while I share my experience with Marilyn's 'Feel Free to Prosper' teachings.
In late 2003, a marketing colleague, Glenn, told me about extraordinary things that were happening in his business since he began working with his prosperity mentor.
"A prosperity mentor," I thought to myself. "What's that?"
You have to remember, this was years before The Secret movie which seemed to usher in a period of prosperity and law-of-attraction teachers on every street corner.
So, in January of 2004, Glenn invited me to a teleconference in which his prosperity teacher would be speaking. I paypaled my enrollment fee and dialed into the conference line just before 5:00 pm. After the usual introductions and ice breakers, Glenn introduced Marilyn.
Some of the callers were clearly familiar with her work, early students who proudly related financial and other manifestations, even after years of clogged, negative thinking and results.

Irrational Optimism
I've always been an optimist -- even a bit of an 'irrational' optimist -- that's why I was on the call.
But it was hard for me to shake the feeling of the 'man-on-the-street skepticism' I'd observed and slowly let myself begin to feel -- after years on the hard scrabble streets of New York.
I wondered to myself, "What if this call turned into a Shirley MacLaine, New Age rah-rah session?"
"Well, the worst that would happen is I'd be out some dough," I thought to myself. And since my baby boy was about to be born in two days, I owed it to myself to at least give this woman a fair hearing.
About 20 minutes into the call, I slowly found myself gravitating to the real meaning of Marilyn's words. While many of the concepts weren't completely new, I'd never heard anyone put it together the way Marilyn did that evening.

Marilyn Walks the Walk...
What inspired me most about Marilyn was she was a woman who walked the walk and talked the talk.
She was a pioneer in the events planning industry with plentiful multi-national clients and articles about her to back it up in prominent press like the Los Angeles Times. It was vitally important to me that she made money in a real world business prior to becoming a prosperity teacher. And now she was teaching us the same prosperity principles she used to build that renowned business.
In short, I knew I could trust her.
The call lasted another two hours but flew by in what felt like a fraction of that. As the call wound down, I had the feelings of calm, clarity and resolve.
I immediately dove into the lesson work and took a copy of it with me to the hospital for the birth of my son two days later.

Do the Work...Get the Results
Once you begin Marilyn's program, you may find yourself wondering: "Can it really be this simple and work?"
But as you may have found in your own experience, the simplest things are often the most powerful. For this reason, Marilyn created the teachings to avoid information overload. This is the key.
Because once you start getting results and confirmation that the principles do indeed work, your confidence in your results grows. Your faith in the process will be as strong as your expectation that a light will go on when you flip a switch in a dark room. It's a simple proposition. Do the work and get the results.
And the results did come.
Though they were relatively small at first, they were confirmation of the process, like a lighthouse beaconing to a ship in a dark harbor.
Marilyn mentioned the two-week marker as an important milestone for a true shift in consciousness to occur. And Lord knows, I had so much cluttered and dysfunctional thinking, especially related to money and finances, that it was a small miracle to notice things starting to happen for me in as little as two weeks.

A Laser Accurate Manifestation
Back in early 2004, just after beginning the 'Feel Free to Prosper' training, I developed a passion to become a marketing consultant.
And I was particularly captivated with the training by a man I'll call 'Mel.'
I continued to do the 'Feel Free To Prosper' lesson work while I became absorbed in the free training modules on Mel's website. I dreamed about getting a seat to Mel's consulting seminar but the $20,000 enrollment might as well have been $200,000. I was nowhere close to writing a check that large.
Then one day, I got a call from a marketer who was promoting Mel's training. Let's call him 'Bill.' Bill had inquired about my copywriting services in the past, though we never managed to ink a deal. This time, Bill asked me if I'd be willing to audit (at zero cost) a marketing-consulting seminar in exchange for writing advertising copy.
It was an amazing moment.
But when he mentioned it was Mel's seminar, it was all I could do to keep my composure and reply "yes" in a casual tone.
After speaking to Mel a few days later, it was a done deal.
I attended the training, realizing my first big manifestation. I was floored by the exactness of manifesting a seat at the precise seminar I wanted to attend.

Writing Yourself a Check for $20 Million
But I let the 'Feel Free to Prosper' lesson work begin to slide a little.
After all, I had gotten what I wanted and my money and prosperity consciousness was180 degrees improved from where it had been.
A few months later, I was hit by a new bolt of inspiration.
Marilyn had related the story of struggling actor/comedian Jim Carrey in his early days.
One evening in 1987, Carrey drove his beater Toyota up Mulholland Drive and stopped to overlook the Los Angeles skyline. While engaging in his dream of a brighter future, Carrey wrote himself a check for $20 million. He dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and added the notation, 'For acting services rendered.' It turned out his figure was conservative. By his third film, his price skyrocketed to $20 million per picture.
After hearing this story and recalling my manifestation of the marketing-consulting seminar, I decided to return to the lesson work...and I also wrote myself a check for $1.6 million.
Why 1.6 million dollars? I have no idea. It seemed far more plausible to me than $20 million, yet it was still up there.
While I won't get into the "how," I'll tell you the "that." Within a year of writing the check, I received not $1.6 but $1.7 million.
Life changing, startling and stunning. And it all traced back to a conference call with Marilyn from January of 2004.
Now, you might not be surprised to hear that after this experience, I decided to write myself another check. But this time for $100 million.
But it didn't take long to realize that it was frivolous from the get-go and that I actually have no desire for such a sum. I'm delighted to have a wonderful family and a successful business that funds everything that I need. But I know what to do should goals and desires shift.

A Student Again...
In April of this year, I read one of Marilyn's tweets for a fascinating teleconference called the "Teleclass for Business Success."
After a hiatus from the 'Feel Free to Prosper' work, I was looking forward to a new chapter of Marilyn's teachings. The tele-seminar inspired me to return to her prosperity lessons with a vengeance. I'm as excited as I was over six years ago when I took my first steps with "Feel Free To Prosper."
I'm happy to be an example of what can happen once you participate in Marilyn's program. And now, I'd like to encourage you to begin your own prosperity journey and experience the excitement of where it will take you.

Special 72-Hour Offer
If you invest in the FFTP "Manifesters Audio Program" between now and Sunday, July 4th, Marilyn will include her unique and content rich, 3+ hour audio program, the "Feel Free to Prosper Teleclass for Business Success."
In the Manifesters program you'll apply the core prosperity concepts and techniques that create such striking results for her students.
And in the "Teleclass for Business Success" you'll learn the prosperity laws that Marilyn used to build a substantial business and attracted top corporate clients without marketing or advertising.
The "Teleclass for Business Success" is a $97 value (currently selling on the website) and it's yours free if you get on board any time between now and July 4th at 6:00 pm PDT.
And if you've already taken Month One of the Manifesters, Marilyn will extend this offer to you if you move on to Month Two.
I hope to hear about your success stories soon.
Yours in prosperity,
Lawrence Bernstein
P.S. I wonder where I'd be if I hadn't listened to my intuition and joined Marilyn on that call back in 2004. It was one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.

Note from Marilyn: It was Lawrence's idea to speak to my subscribers today and I'm deeply honored and grateful for his acknowledgment and endorsement. I hope it will encourage you to trust and make this life decision.


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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit

Marilyn's book, Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to Unexpected Income With the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, will be her first release.



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