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Global Warming TestViews: 90
Dec 06, 2009 3:30 pm re: re: Global Warming Test

James Booth
"the question of whether the earths temperature is increasing or not
is NOT a simple question"

Not simple at all.

"Earth's temperature" is a combination of atmospheric temperature (which at best perhaps can only be measured as an average given that upper atmospheric temperature is very different than atmospheric temperature close to land or water surface - without counting clouds, that is); of ocean temperature, which also varies, not only in difference from pole to equator, but "at depth" as ocean currents mix cold and warm, warm water rises and cold water falls; and land temperatures which depend on the amount of vegetative cover, proximity to water, subterranean heating, and other factors.

In other words, to measure "Earth's temperature" is to take an average temperature of at least three different average temperatures.

All of which might give us a "good guess" at any point in time ...

"... the atmosphere automatically adjusts for increases in CO2 by
corresponding adjustments in other greenhouse gases which have the
effect of keeping the atmosphere in a stable balance."

This is where I try to keep from laughing - at least not too hard.

I am reminded daily by someone:

"There IS a God!"

My "version" of God may be a bit different, but basically I believe in a Creator, and that Creator has a Plan - the Creation IS a Plan, if you will.

I have faith in that - not that I really have much choice, do I ?

... but so, here we are talking about one planet, when the entire Universe of "billions and billions of stars" IS that *Plan* and has worked well without our fine minds to guide it for *billions and billions of years*

Earth has been here also for *billions and billions of years* and it is only through our having, as a species, been born in this environment, PRE-adapted to this environment if you will, that we are able to physically survive here at all, eh ?

... yet, while we DO have serious *responsibilities* regarding what we do while we ARE here; ie. "Don't foul your own nest" - Earth, as an eco-system, or as a living organism, is quite capable of "rolling over" on the human (or any other) species that is unwilling, or unable, to adapt to the WAY of Nature itself.

Where I sit, that ability and willingness to *adapt* - to clean up my own mess and to leave something for the next person who comes along - is at the top of any list of ways I can *worship* Creator.


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