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Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campaign?Views: 177
Nov 17, 2005 4:54 pm re: Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campaign?

Leslie Baldwin
I'm guilty of using the word "free" as a marketer but as a consumer I really don't like the word "free" because - well - it (usually) isn't. Now If I am at a store and I buy a box of cereal and there is a coupon for a free box - then I have a good experience and the store has a higher chance of me buying that particular cereal.

If "free" is to tempt me into doing something I probably wouldn't do in the first place then it's effect it pretty slim. In fact the mind numbing offers of "free e-book X and Y and Z valued at two gazillion dollars if you buy this $99.95 product" drives me slightly nuts. Especially when it's now or never and I mean who just happens to have $100.00 at hand and is willing to spend it that easily?

Don't even get me started on the: you won a free computer! Scams out there.

On the flip side - something small for free can have limited appeal since we know a lot of these gifts are limited in life span or may not be something a person really wants. However getting a small gift unexpectedly with your shipment or order can work wonders. My last NSP shipment came with a free magnet and I thought that was so cool! :o)

Yesterday at Target I received a free notepad (with coupons) along with my receipt. Nice

Probably one reason we use "free" is it is a small word (easier to fit in copy) and most people understand the concept - although Bonus - Complementary - Gift - might be more accurate terms.


Leslie in San Antonio
Springanew to a Slimmer You


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