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Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campaign?Views: 203
Nov 18, 2005 3:50 am re: re: re: Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campaign?

Jilian M Saweczko
Free has always worked for us....Been working for decades in fact... in the party plan field. We give you a free dating gift for holding/hosting a Tupperware Party...then we stopped it, and starting giving everyone who attended a T Party an item at a special price. Next we brought back the free gifts for dating, then holding a party...and more free give aways for reaching various benchmarks. Somehow, somewhere free always came into the mix. People expected it! AND it made me proud to offer so many things for free!

On the other hand, I've felt really good to be on the receiving end when I've attended party plans that did offer free gifts for...you pick the promotion. And felt sorry for those whose plans didn't offer anything for free! :-)

I like to receive free gifts, especially so when I'm interested in the product or service. However, I also like to know that the person, giving things away for free, also makes money...or what's the point!

Some people bargain down the price to free...now That's my hot button!
If it is going to hurt them then to sell their product or service so low it might as well be free...then No! To bargain a person down to such an extent that they give it to you 'free' is really bad and not good for anyone. Just look at countries where people are so desperate to make a sale, to put food on the table, they agree to a price below cost! That hurts them and ultimately the one getting the 'free' product or service (eg. getting your hair braided on the beach) It hurts who you are and then the type of person you becomes. What does it eventually do to a society?

That is when I say 'No' to free and 'No' to bargaining!
(think cruising in the Caribbean)

Another type of free is when we're fund raising for a cause and ask for donations. These are 'free' items to the cause ...and raise money or awareness. Yet it is a free gift by the person or business giving the item(s). Such transfer of wealth from one sector to another is fun, rewarding and helps a good cause! Be it politics or your favourite charity.

Bottom line: Is 'free' fair to the one giving and to the one receiving? If the answer is 'yes' then it is good. If the answer is 'no' then it is not good.

Here's to fair trading!
Jilian :-)


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