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Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campaign?Views: 143
Jun 21, 2006 3:40 pm re: Giving stuff away FREE - does it get attention and or help a campai

>> Barry Caplan - Start Your Future Today

If you are a public spectacle, you are making yourself one. I only asked for a corrected URL.

I have been PM'ing you in addition to this thread so don't pretend you just had that idea in order to look good for the crowd :)

As for keeping the topic, I am on topic - I am asking you to define free - because you posted "Free" stuff when it really costs $500.

If you got instructions to do that from LS, OK, point to the instructions and I will be satisfied.

If it was your idea, it was a bad one IMNSHO, as was posting a non-working url, then claiming it had moved to another host, and not posting the new one.

> This topic below is about, what?
keeping paul in line, if so, then new thread

No, it is about free stuff - and agreeing on the definition of free.

Paul, you are making waaay too much out of this then it needs to be. Stop trying to control what and where I write - I told you last time on another thread I respond to matters that arise in the context they arose in - meaning that thread. Unless you are the moderator, you are gonig to have to live with that sensible policy.

> I can reward anybody for donating , ri

I dunno. IANAL, and IANA accountant, but it sounds like there are tax implications there, depending on the size of the "reward". Maybe also if the reward comes from you instead of the charity. I suggest you ask these things of your tax advisor and the charities involved, not the list here.

> appreciate your tenacity to be our resident cop.

I am not cop. I am just respodning with what others think when you post a broken link - hey I better let Paul know! That you had a can of worms hiding under the surface I could not have known at the time.




Private Reply to >> Barry Caplan - Start Your Future Today (new win)

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