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Profile critique #20 - Paul StevenViews: 244
Jul 27, 2007 11:44 am re: M & W/Profile critique #20 - Paul Steven

Walter Paul Bebirian
looking ahead - how can we take the best advantage of having an exercise like this one taking place - there are some suggestions that the owner of a page is willing to make after hearing suggestions and some that seem to touch a nerve or that one might be more sensitive to -

Since a RYZE page is exemplary of a person's personality, it might mean to them that when you make a comment - it is touching the same nerve that you would be doing if you personally attacked their essence -

For example if anyone crtiicized my "Self Portrait" when I first started using it in 1992 (and I am sure many people did) I would cringe but since I printed the cards up already I had to give them out or waste the money - then along the way, there were times that in the printing run - my colors seem to shift a bit - at some times during the winter I might be a little bluer or inthe spring a little yellower - and then that printing company (which was purchased three times while I utilized them - went out of business and now I use another company) - but now on RYZE and the Internet in general there is no color shift since the digitlal file never changes -

however -

each individual person's screen may vary in color - so who knows how many colors I may be showing up on people's scrren today! :-)

But what I mean to say now - that there is no way that I would change that image after giving out over 2.1 million cards and have had how many hits already on the Internet - it is a true icon.

so when the persom whose page we are viewing and critiqing does not see any distortion of the page due to the length of the line of words but we do because we are using a different browser or an older computer -I begin to wonder how many variables can we as individuals comfortably take into account when making a page -

Of course - from a certain perspective, I understand that Paul - you want to show as much of what you do as you can in the one space alotted for a portrait of the individuals that are members of RYZE - you have created something unique to put in the place of a portrait - and that is commendable - and yet I have a feeling that it might be a relief to see the simple portrait of yourself if in fact you like that image and if perchance it was created by you -

Underneath the entire exercise, there seems to be a need for you (Paul) to respond to each of the comments to make sure that your ad is placed throughout the thread - so that we are bombarded by the same ad over and over again - and yet I cannot read the words there at all, nor can I distinguis the the images - one from the other - so as a function related to the RYZE system here which not only shows up on your RYZE page but is also an icon in the network thrrads - that portrait image area where you have chosen to place this composite ad - might be better suited to the placement there of a simple portrait of yourself and then - having the entire composite placed elsewhere on your main RYZE page -

and then in another spot - placing the marathon image -

but from another persepctive - I would say to myself right now that it is most probably better to let things be - since each individual is in whatever stage they are at now and will be developing over time at their own pace - or not developing and that each scenario is fine since that is what it is for each individual.



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