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Aug 06, 2007 11:00 am re: re: re: re: re:got a tip what works for you/meeting and interacting through Ryze ...

Walter Paul Bebirian
I see - I have set up my own program to network wherever and whenever I choose - by giving out my business cards in the streets - stores - libraries - subways - stairways - building elevators - and wherever else I see people even on boats - I have created a mobile networking environment that continually works for me -

What hapens is magnificent - for example the other day a lady living in Harlem was visiting in Queens with her daughter and while cossing Queens Boulevard - which is a main 6 lane (3 in each direction road) I handed her a card will crossing in the opposite direction - then while handing my card to the next group of people I heard her calling so I back tracked and found she is interested in headshot both for herself and her daughter - I know of no better way connecting and cost effective as well a powerful to connect with individuals and have both of our attentions focused so highly on the subject at hand - not yet at least since for my artistic images of which there are now almost 12,000 I am currently working on creating a similar project in the same vein as my "Doubling Project" - described on my main web site in an attached pdf to the home page - what is key, as far as I am concerned, is to overcome the fear that most people have of being shy - and that is something that some people seem never to be able to do - it is a fact that some people's nature is and will remain of a shy nature (which was and is in certain respects still my own nature as well) however I have developed certain skills that I am able to perform rather well by now which allow me to take a certian first step and then make a pause to allow the other person or persons to take the next step and then things become much easier for me once I have peaked their interest and they are asking the questions or are saying something that I can easily answer - much different that mere what is referred to by some as chit chat -

I noticed many years ago when at the ocean beaches - that each individual is able to enter the water (the very same activity in all cases) in many different ways - usually as many different ways as there are individuals attmepting the task - and so I decided at that point to focus on the process of either entering the ocean or connecting with people that best suits me because of my own personality and personal personality idiosyncrasy and thus worl very comfortably at effectively this way - If I were to attempt to work at a formula or method rescribed by others then this would not work as well for me the same way that I imagine it does not work that well for many many people who attempt to learn form others -

Yesterday I had a customer who is a profession clothing designer and who works with computers and photoshop sit rather in amazement at how I was working on her image - despite the fact that she has access to the verysame tools that I was working with right in front of her eyes -

The difference being that I, instead of learning in a class or from an instructor, taught myself how to use the tools that I was working with in front of her - and that is the same procedure that I have the most success with in photographing, and creating abstract images and most everything that I do well in in life -

Perhaps learning from others mistakes may be of use in some ways - but on the other hand what was or had become a mistake from someone else's perception might be further developed (when in my hands or arena) into something quite successful - this I know for a fact and practice very often as well!

thank you!




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