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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 211
Aug 09, 2007 9:36 am re: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?

Walter Paul Bebirian
Since the responses here pretty much covering the basics - like kissing frogs and using someone else's network and expertise etc. I thought I would revisit the question in relationship to Katie's actual service - which at least from a certian perspective looks like an MLM and which in that shape and form is begging the question what are your prospects looking like for you or to you?

Are they people who are looking to purchase your products or are they people who sign up to get that free web page and tell all their friends to go look and buy or sign up as well -

On the whole, throughout all of the RYZE System there seems to be an about face when people are attempting to introduce others to anything that looks like an MLM program -

So I suppose you might ask yourself Katie - is that what you have there - that gold mine that mother lode of all mother lodes that no one is interested in here?

If so, then you might have to look in some of the cracks throughout RYZE where that type of product or opportunity is welcomed despite what it is -

Or you might then have to turn right around to the company that is the main creator of this product line and marketing system and examine really carefully what their program is offering and just exactly do they suggest that you introduce these to all of those people who are really hungry for just such an opportunity -

I have often thought that there is an inherent flaw in various programs which are attempting to sell a customer on a certain product or service or opportunity without examining first the specific individual need of the person they are looking to build a relationship with on a customer - provider basis -

The real estate business for example - if my wife has a dream house in the back or the front of her mind or wherever that house is at this moment in time - and we talk to all of the real estate agents they will all be showing her (and me ) houses that they have as listings whether they come close to that dream house or not -

a buyers agent will be doing a bit more of working on finding out what we want but still picking from the available houses for sale at this moment in time and from only those houses that exist -

but I believe that a truly good salesperson working in a progressive compnay deserving to thrive in business for the next 20 years might actually find a house not for sale that fits the bill and have our offer made to the current owner and/or have my wife's dream house built on the amount of property that i want to hang out on -

simple as that - so with that in mind - doe anyone here need any help in applying make-up or a free web site or the steps to a perfect blush or a bright bold eye - or a business opportunity presenting these concepts to the target market of Katie's home company?

Perhaps some of the target audience for that might be found at my space or at a kiosk in the local mall?

or if Katie sets up a network here on RYZE called everything teenager and gathers either a bunch of teenagers to her network or a whole bunch of mom's of teenagers - that there might just help her in connecting with those serious prospects here on RYZE -

So there is nothing inherently wrong with RYZE nor is there any rule that there is a lack of people here on the system - I think you just need a bit of clever thinking as to how to find the people who would utilize the products tha tyou have -

and then - I have the question - can you be selling these products to teens all over the world and getting folks from any country to sign up for that free web site? If so well then perhaps you might hop on over to the Nirvana Medis Fashion Magazine Fans Network over here:


If you are not going to tailor your prodict or service or business oppportunity to each and every individual that comes along no matter what age or culture or whatever taste they might have then you have to seek out those serious prospects among the indiviiduals who are already in a specific target market -

You cannot sell postage stamps for collecting to people who are interested in hunting -

From a certain perspective you did exactly what Bea suggested - "Instead of looking at all the conversations on a forum as fluff and not serious enough for you, try opening a conversation on a subject you would like to talk about." and I think I pretty much answered the topic at least to some degree -
but I ask again - about working with an off line mailing list or an on-line e-mail list and congregate where the young folks who are going to purchase your products congregate - either on line or off -

thank you!




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