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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 180
Aug 09, 2007 12:58 pm re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?

Walter Paul Bebirian
perhaps coupos are good - but Katies question was directed at this group here and so I think that there is a way to begin exploring something right here where we are - first has anyone every read acres of diamonds? - please read it right now:


well your licky since the version that just came up is the one where you can actually hear the author's voice in addition to reading the text.

Then how many of you here - right here on this particular network - come in contact with my imagine targe market for Katie's products that are mentioned on her page - teenage girls -

Scott Allen - your son? any girl friends - parents of girls his age or thereabouts?
Paul - your wife is in the jewelry business - how about any of her customers - any of them have teenage daughters -

anyone with new borns? perhaps they have older sisters - look to the future -

Now let me see -

Suzette - you have ------mmmm - two horse riding daughters - them - their friends -the friends moms? or fathers?

now here is an interesting thought -

Jacqueline? - how can you use this product line for your personal styling work -

each person here ----- perhaps in distant way or a direct way comes in contact with or will come in contact with - trust me on this - with teenage girls or there parents and what we shoudl all do is sin up for a free website page from Katie and then introduce the program through the web site page to those people that we meet that fir the bill ----or wait - to everyone because the odds are that everyone we meet as the potential as well of comin gin contact in some way shape or form with the target market - --------well that is the program - how easy is it to make it work -

Well -----why not everyone sign up for that free page - link it to you site (no matter what you do) on a separate page marked business opportunities andsee what happens:


or better yet - when you do meet up with the target market individual (in this case the parents of the teenagers or friends thereof) - simply mention that there might be something of interest to them on the business opportunities page over on your web site - which may actually encourage them to fgo to your site and even actually look at and read about your main business as well-

what do you think?

All of this is supposed to be easy?

Let's see if Scott there is willing to initiate a plan to make this work right here on this very network - we can actually see if we can cause each one of our businesses to grow exponentially -

How about it?

then we can all get together and have a party with all the money that we earned and figure out some new plans - throw in some coupons as well and well see if we can add Scotts program in on this as well -



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