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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 205
Aug 10, 2007 10:32 am re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?

Walter Paul Bebirian
Scott -

Part of what you are saying to Katie and to all of us I understand and yet life and time is very very short and shorter yet especially if you are living and working in New York City and vicinity - Someone pointed out to me the other day that RYZE New York City for all of the 8.5 million people in this area has perhaps the lowest overall RYZE participartion - quite unusual for a highly business oriented town and the answer or reason for that may be as simple an answer as I was given the other day by a neighbor as I attempted to keep pace with her and her husband as they were fast walking to the subway to get to work in Manhattan the other day and I was on a leisurely walk to the post office - in response to my question why they and so many other people in New York city don't even go on the Internet - no time - I asked then - well what is it that all of these people are doing with their time?

And here answer was - they are too busy making money - ------ ----- -----

So with the disparities in connections and opportunities in this world in this country and in this city - I believe that people enter this arena - a business networking arena (on-line) with hopes and dreams and challenges, difficulties and loves, wants, ideas and mysteries that they are faced with hoping to get some idea of what to do - how to make their business work even to the subsistance level - never mind growing their businesses to the heights of profitability as that of an Exxon or a Microsoft (although that would be nice) and they want answers - have questions - want to make things happen - want to understand how to do what it is that they see so many other people whose lives are written about and touted as seeds for those dreams and ideas that they have in their minds and hearts -

And then they find the RYZE networking arena and with all the force that they have they begin to attempt to connect with like minded people - get answers - let others know about what they have latched onto as their subway car to heaven and well there are so many people here with different understandings and ideas and concepts and sometimes they conflict with our new person to the business world and sometimes these people are able and willing to give help or worthwhile suggestions - but then again there is so much in the way of information people ideas and which way does a person turn - how can they turn down so many great opportunities and what do they do if that which they have based their dreams on and have put all they have both time and money wise and energy and dreams wise as well in - is not quite working out as was the plan?

Sure - get a coach - after you spend half of your life deciding which type of coach you are interested in and then perhaps come in contact with 100 of those types of coaches here on RYZE -

What are your strengths - where are your best chances of finding something that you love to do and being able to stick to doing that day and night for what 30 years? - 40 years? - 50 yerars - 60 or 70 or 80 years - ?

Ha - retirement - now that is a joke and what happens when a person reaches 60 70 80 ot 90 years old let alone 100 or 120 or even 150 as the trend towards longevity is pushing us towards?

And then relationship wise - can whoever you are in your main relationship in with handle - deal with - grow with that which you are doing or think that you have to do in order to build - grow - maintain - expand and then perhaps sell or pass on to a next generation (if there is such a next generation or will be such a generation in this world of terrorism) that which you are spending (or investing) so much of your precious time here on this planet on doing -

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThis all separate from any psychological help in just maintaining some sort of stability in sucha constantly changin world -

finances- now there is a joke for the average working person let alone for the person who is attempting to jugle things or manage their money as they are starting a business - which new gadget do they need - how long can they make that old computer work before or until it becomes obsolete - or until the old one slows down their worl so much that they cannot simply compete -

and then in response to your next post about getting and evaluation on the linkedin networking group over there - well how about let's get all of the people on RYZE meshing in amore cohesive and better communicated way with more understandable and better functioning RYZE pages before we suck someone who has no clue as to what all of this networking stuff is all about before we stick the candy of more and better in their face andforce their focus to be disipated in yet another and then another and another direction -

Let's get one clear and concise picture down first before we move onto the next and thenext and the next networking group - and why would I want to join so many - if that group or networking system has something that this one doesn't can there be one that incorporates those features that the others have and grow that way?

Just a few questions - pointed of course in many directions to perhaps get a clearer picture ------

Thank goodness for Katie's question - since it has spurred the ability within me to express all of these questions and possibilites and I find it very interested that there has been no real attempt - discussion or way visible yet for what I suggested to take place here - no real networking (and that word does have a great number of meanins) effort or growth or concepts -

Would anyone care to begin to discuss either of the books that I mentioned above and come up with some ideas and then maybe the faintest hint of a plan to work on to really create a solid network???????

Please don't just read this as another post - but take it with you during your entire day and evening and while you sleep and dream and understand that we are in a most significant time in the history of mankind -

really really significant time where we can really make quantum leaps to the nth degree - (does anyone understand what that means and what the implications are for such growth and opportunity?) ---



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