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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 176
Aug 10, 2007 3:48 pm re: re: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?

Walter Paul Bebirian
perhaps if we have another thread on this network or else where on another network - we could have each individual post a list of the demographics or make-up of the potential cutomers that they are looking to reach - then after that each person could look and see whether they are seeking the smae target market as anyone else -

for example -

if I am going to chicken eaters that like to have hoy chili peppers on their chicken and another person is going for egg eater who use chili pepper on their eggs - the markets seem to be close but not exactly the same - perhaps there will be some overlap but not that much despite the fact that they both are looking to reach people who like hot chili peppers on different products from the poultry business - the chicken and the egg -

then I might also think that some of the plain chicken eaters - (perhaps there are many more of them than there are eater of chicken with chili peppers on them) to see if there is a way that I can introduce them to the idea of at least trying the plain chicken that they have been eating with hot chili peppers and that way I might therefore be expanding my market -

then there are the egg eaters - do they eat their eggs with the hot chili peppers on them when they are soft boiled - hard boiled -scrambled - sunny side up - diced and then can I introduce the idea to different restaurants for them to offer the choice of their eggs with the hot chili peppers - this might do well for a chain of restaurants -

what might this do for the sales in the restaurant chain - make the restaurant famous for the best eggs in the business -

or could the eggs with the hot chili peppers on them be used in products such as potato salad?

might this make one brand of red skin potato salad stand out above all others - especially if there is some heath benefits to eating food with the hot chli peppers on them -

in one case you looking for people who already fit a demographic statistic and in the other case you are introducing people who do not fit a demographic satistic to the concept and encouraging them to try the concept with the probability of at least some of them moving over to fitting your demographic statistic either soon or over a longer period of time -



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