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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 181
Aug 10, 2007 7:35 pm re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Katie,

I would like to offer you a solution - what I believe is the true solution. Please try to grasp what I'm expressing here...

You see, I can sense that your mind is focused on weeding out the wrong people, on eliminating the people who are not serious. I am sure that is based on your experiences.

But as long as you maintain the thought of those people and the goal of avoiding them - guess what? You will continue to attract them to you. That is a very basic (and profound) mental and spiritual law.

Let me use an analogy. Let's say you want to eliminate debt. As long as you think of debt - consciously or subconsciously - you will continue to be in debt. Wanting to eliminate debt will not get rid of it.

Only by shifting our thoughts to those of prosperity, abundance, plenty - will we manifest the means to take care of debts.

But the thought of debt will only perpetuate the same undesirable condition.

So now let's get back to those people who are not serious, who need "weeding out." As long as you are thinking of having to weed out people, you will manifest more people that need to be weeded out. Get it?

So you should shift your thoughts and feelings completely to the right people...those who harmonize with you and succeed and prosper with you. Fill your thought life with plenty of wonderful people who are the perfect fit for you.

Dr. Joseph Murphy said that if you give a taxi driver two different addresses, you will never get to your destination. So you cannot waiver back and forth. Keep your thoughts only on what you want and you will attract it. If you keep your thoughts on what you DON'T want, you will attract that, too.

I came to Ryze four years ago and it changed my life. The success was dramatic. But that's because I only focused on being successful on Ryze, on meeting the right people who appreciated what I had to offer and who would benefit. I realize that every business is different. But the success doesn't come from the type of business. It comes from the type of mindset. When you become saturate with thought and feeling of what you WANT - and don't look the other way - you will have it. You will have the right business and the right people or your mind will guide you to them.

It doesn't start on Ryze. Ryze is not a cause. Ryze is an effect. The cause is within.


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