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Returning Phone CallsViews: 201
Mar 10, 2008 8:40 pm re: re: Return my phone call please at your earliest convenience

Marielena Alvarez
My preferred method of communication is e-mail, text message or Instant Messenger (IM). If you want a quicker response, e-mail, text or IM me.

Now for some pet peeves:

Ladies, if you don't want to be bothered by your PDA, buy a Motorola Q. Keep it in a purse and you won't hear it ring buried in there. An honest excuse! When will cell phone companies come up with a cute way for women to "wear" their phones? The cases are made wrong, the phone is squished to the point it "calls" for help! All the cases are designed for men with belt loops. Women's clothing and purses aren't designed for these wide PDAs.

Clueless folks who have no clue what not to send via office e-mail!

No chain letters, everyone hates that stuff. No threats should accompany them or ask me to forward them back to the clueless sender, I don't have the time to waste on this crap, even if I like you.

I hate being stuck on the phone for any length of time and certain folks can rattle on for hours! If I had a comfortable hands free headset (that worked in the basement) for the home phone, I might take more calls.

I hate those Bluetooth "borg implants" many are sporting. So far I have not been able to find a comfortable earpiece at any price. Leave the ear pain behind and free yourself from this nonsense. Cell phone stores should only sell you what you want/need, not all the assessories (designed for men) you don't want or need!

Don't get me started on the Nextel Noise of the hands free speaker cell phone, and the clueless obnoxious people who use them! Okay, great for the construction site, police officer or security guard on rounds. I can accidently turn this thing on and can't find a way to permanently disable it!

It is important to establish that your time is valuable and ask callers to leave a brief message, but include what you need from them. I write a script to read before I change me answering machine nessage.

I want to know the purpose of your call, especially if I do not know the caller, or I ignore the call. If someone is secretive, I never call back. Sorry, but "an urgent business matter" is not enough information and an automated message always gets ignored. Callers should know if they call my home or office phone and how much information they should leave, if they bother to listen to the outgoing message.

I have Caller ID, so I see who is calling and decide whether to answer or call them back at my convenience. Incoming calls with no information, will never hear my voice. Hate automated calls? If they are placed by a computer, it can tell if a person or machine answers and then have a human call back and harass you at the time of day someone is at home. This is something used by debt collectors, so heads up if you are avoiding these kinds of calls.

One friend is lonely and calls to chat about nothing. He showed up unannounced yesterday (because I wasn't picking up) and caught us at home. He has home, office and cell numbers and will call my other half if he can't get me. I rarely answer his calls. My other half gets after me for not taking the calls, so I let him field then for me. Weekends are family time! We informed him we were on our way out (true), so he didn't hang around chatting for too long. I explained that we were in the shower earlier and didn't hear the phones ring and explained that on weekends we run errands and are in and out.

There are some family members with whom I do not care to converse. I chewed out my younger brother for giving my older brother my cell phone number. Giving out any of my numbers without permission is one way to get on my bad side. I wish the older brother didn't have my e-mail addresses either because he bombards me with junk, related to his conservative, political views (which I do not share). Most goes in a folder called Junk from ******

My cousin chats about everything from her dogs, to genealogy to how unhappy she is with her husband. She is on disability and stays at home all day with her dogs, rather than getting out to join a few special interest groups. How I wish she would use Instant Messenger or e-mail. My other half had to get on the line to let me know breakfast was ready and rescue me this weekend.

Mom used to love to talk, we would chat for an hour at a time. Since she remarried, she never talks for long and frankly I miss it! She is 76 and very old school, writes letters, sends me articles. How she found a man, is a mystery as she doesn't drive, isn't into online dating and only goes out for doctor appointments and to shop! They only have dial-up at home, but I wish she would get interested in doing genealogy online as it would help her connect with family and friends around the globe. She would be great at keeping on top of the many family websites I have little time to maintain. It would open up a whole new world for her. Before he died, my dad enjoyed seeing all my photos from CDS, which I would bring and play for him on my laptop. Mom's new husband had e-mail and enjoyed communicating with his family that way, if only he could teach mom and get her online!

When I am at work, I have my IM with "Busy - at the office" so folks only contact me if it is important. At home I love to chat, but not many folks have to time. It is a great way to keep in touch.

Enough to make us all think before picking up the phone, forwarding a chain letter or calling on the weekend or late at night/early in the morning.


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