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Returning Phone CallsViews: 131
Nov 30, 2008 3:56 pm re: re: re: Returning Phone Calls

Walter Paul Bebirian
I think that more recently there is a paradoxical something or other occurring - I myself have both called and e-mailed someone who professes to be a marketing expert and received an e-mail back a few days later and good thing since it was easier to reject the enormous minimum fee she had presented to me - but overall - people call me or e-mail to me when they definitely want something - or at least want to ask a question to apply later on and I return the calls and they answer back pretty soon if they are not there and I have to leave a message -

What I have alleviated from my marketing mix is calling people - I simply give out my business cards and allow people to call when they are ready - and yes they hold onto them till they are ready - a woman called me two weeks ago who held onto my business card for the so far record period of exactly 16 (sixteen years) who remembered where and when she received my card - who lived in a different state at the time and was very happy that I am still in business -

So at least one thing that was reinforced with that call and that is that a person or business must stay in business to reap a great part of the rewards from the efforts of their advertising!

For anyone who has a question about my handing out cards - I hope this is OK - I have recently created this brief video right before handing out my cards right before beginning my work:


so in essence the potential customer with this system has two reasons to feel less intimidates by calling me in the first place because they have seen me when I first handed them the card and they had my picture on the face of the card all along in order for them to feel even more comfortable when the do call -

and then they call -

and then I return the call because I am either doing an assignment or out giving out those cards -

and the reaction is more often than not - that we are already old friends!!!

Walter :-)



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