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Oct 30, 2002 4:25 am re: re: Why is this board so dead?
Rob Gordon
Hi Adam,

I thought I would wait a few days to see if anyone else would chime in here, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen- so maybe this is dead as a community resource.

I was sorry to learn that Ryze torpedoed the San Diego event because it wasn't "official"- this seemed really strange to me also- I thought they would have been delighted. I occasionally promote events and know that there is nothing worse than when someone throws a grenade at the last minute. Anita introduced me to Ryze and it's too bad she got burned by this.

We can't, however, blame Ryze for the state of San Diego networking, nor should we let them block any community events in the future. I think that many of the institutions in this town that should be helping us are WAY off track. One that comes to mind is the Regional Technology Alliance- always promoting over-priced and over-hyped events like "the big eSchmooze". Most of the local Chambers (with a few exceptions) are total dinosaurs- catering to Corporate interests. The World Trade Center is a total joke and exists only for the benefit of it's own staff and some local politicians. Let's see, is there anyone in town I haven't insulted yet?

I do like some of the local grass roots groups- (Techniquelle, WebSanDiego, etc) that organize fun networking events that only cost a few bucks- the problem is that they are IT oriented- and even if that sector wasn't totally dead, IT people never seem to pass on leads and referrals, or even reciprocate when leads

What we need, I think, is some forum where people from different industries can meet socially with some kind of way to facilitate the exchange of referrals and also grant ready access to contact information (did you ever notice that networking "event" - like the big eSchmooze, almost never publish there attendee lists- even though that would help networking more than anything).

As I mentioned, San Diego is at a huge disadvantage compared with LA and SF- two huge and powerful metropolitan areas. As I understand it, Ryze mostly wants to make sure that no one uses their name- but there is nothing to prevent us from going our own way. Maybe we should have a "chautauqua" - this was a movement in the 1800's where people would meet to discuss business, politics, and culture. It was always very low cost and would include entertainment and spiritual aspects- a form of community building that still exists in parts of the country.

Anyway, it is just a thought- and of course it is too late this year for anything ambitious, but I do think something needs to change in San Diego. Maybe this forum isn't working but we need to find one that does.



> Adam Tuttle wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Great points. I no longer consider Ryze a part of my daily web visits because I just was not seeing the value of this site. I started the board because there weren?t any related to SD. Perhaps the lack of contributions is both reflective of the "tech culture" in SD and the lack of users/visitors to Ryze. I am not sure...
>Either way I think that the policies that Ryze implemented about the "official" vs. Un Official mixers were ridiculous and turned a few people away form this service. Anita worked hard to bring people together and I think she was burned by the whole thing.
>SD Craigslist is growing but most of the comments and positing on the board are bitching and moaning and are of little substance.
>> Rob Gordon wrote:
>> Hi Neighbors!
>>I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why this board is so dead. Is it because "San Diego" is too broad of a topic? Or does it have something to do with Ryze policies on mixers? I wasn't following it too closely, but it seemed that Ryze announced its policy on only allowing "official" events at around the same time an unofficial event was announced here. Did they ever announce an official event? Sometimes people in Northern California consider San Diego to be a backwater town, but even if this is not the case, you can bet that the big cities are going to get priority.
>>I just noticed that the San Diego community forum on Craigslist seems to be very active now- so maybe it is just that there are enough bulletin boards and listservs now- but I'm wondering if something deeper is going on here. Lately, I have been hearing a few whispers about "the state of San Diego networking". I know that there are people in this Tribe who work very hard at community building, but I'm afraid Ryze is making it visible just how lame we are- especially when compared to our huge neighbors to the North: the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco.
>>I have no answers guys. I just thought the question should be asked.

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