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The Heat is On!Views: 267
Apr 07, 2009 2:47 am re: re: re: re: re: re: re: The Heat is On!

Ganesh Ram
I would agree with everything KR has said. I will also add that the same is true when you move from one state to another in India. Except of course the snow shovelling thingy.

Let me give my side of KR's views.

1.The household chores are to be done by themselves.

A) Not necessarily. But most often yes.
There are professional cleaners who come and clean your house once a week @ $90.00/ 100.00 per visit. It is possible for a double income salary to afford such kind of luxury. But many of us do not want to and think we have to save and send money back to India for investing purposes.
B) the dishwasher and the clothes washer and dryer does most of the cleaning. The house itself does not collect dust like it does in India even in busiest cities. Also we do have cold and hot water to do the dishes(cleaning the dishes).
In many double income salaried households, pizzas, macaroni cheese and sandwich salad combo are a norm. Nowadays many Indian food are frozen or nitrogen packed and are of good quality and cheap. So variety of food is not a problem either.

2. Snow in the driveway.
Those of us who enjoy shovelling / using a snow thrower do this ourselves. Many house owners pay upto $40.00 - 50.00 per visit and get that done.

3. Tending the Lawn
Same as point 2. In fact there are Indians who do not want to spend on these and go into what is called townhouse living, The cost for snow shovelling and lawn upkeep is done by the association for a monthly maint. fee

4.Waiting 3 month for doctor's appointment.
Very true. But only if you wish to get the medicine from the doctor. It is like those in the lower strata in many states in India who would be satisfied if only the doctor gives a jab for any discomfort.
There are what is called primary care physicians and primary care clinic where you do get appointments easily with an internist, There are of course certified Nurse Practitioners who can prescribe medicines for a patient in many cases,

To see a specialist it DOES take 3 months sometime. I think it is the same in India as well. IF not 3 months at least a month. This also varies from state to state over here.

5. Hmmmm,, My fav topic. Child rearing, Yes those of us who have put our career first and still want children, the art becomes rearing than anything lesser than that.
But even for that , there are daycares. after school programs at all levels. YWCA does help. The public schools do these.
It takes a lot of adjustment in a family with two kids when both parents work. Many households prefer one steady income and the other as a part time career. There are many companies that do allow work from home.

And about bringing the parents from India to US, This is a very touchy subject. First of all whose parents to bring.Second is the monetary issue, Anyone who comes to US needs to have a health insurance in US. This is a must. This does eat into your annual income because you cannot show it in your tax for any exemption.

Parents get bored. This was true in the early 2000, But now, you can get all TV channels right in your TV or in the computer, Going to temple is a problem for those parents who have to give their salutations to the almighty(like my parents), But even that got solved last year when she was able to freely sing and participate in temple activities without any issues,

Anyone who goes to a new place will have commuting issues. It is more in US because we lack efficient public transport. But this again is not different from India. If my parents go to Delhi let us say, they will still have travelling problems. Very few parents can go around any place by themselves without the help of their children.

So one can always complain about the problems and spin it as a even we have problems. It happens in most NRI families, But ask them to return to their place of birth many will ignore the call.

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