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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 260
Jul 17, 2009 11:25 am re: re: re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai presentation :

Ganesh Ram
Something is amiss, thinks the techie. The finances route is good catch but is it the "Deadliest Catch"? he wonders.

"Deadliest Catch?" it looks more like "Dirty Jobs" or "cash cab". Techie is proud how his tireless watching of discovery channel is helping him.

"cash Cab"? That makes the techie think about the secret bank account that he is given where there is loads and loads of money, electronically speaking. This account is what is connected to the "Visa to Masterly Chase and Discover Credit Card Scams' or V2MC&DCCS app in short. This is the Credit Card that has a lot of fake money and is used to track credit card number stealers. It does need a huge database for logging, something to the effect of "Extreme Loggers".

He switches his netbook on, starts V2MC&DCCS, and scans the RIM servers world wide to check for the the blackberry, PK used. He found that and looked for any e-commerce website that the blackberry used. There was one,

"Ha! here is one", the techie said loudly, The website was called, www.UngalKanavugAlBogam.com, an e-commerce site that lures a lot of hit on some days when there is huge gold purchase in India. There are also huge transactions going into the site. He goes to that website, looks pretty good. Other than many things, Gold can be purchased at a 25% lower than the market price.

"Something is not correct. Why do I feel uncomfortable?" the techie thinks. Not because of the chinese tofu curry he had at a sendoff party.
So he does a view source on the website( got to bring the hrml context here), hmmmmm.... The submit button has a javascript. Looks ok he thinks, but looks at the code logic,
WHAT? the credit card number the users type in are diverted to WWW.KANAVUGALBOGUS.com

Looks at the website address and does a reverse lookup. The IP address is in Bosnia. No heavy regulations. Looks again, the IP is now changed to Russia.
"Oh" he thinks this site is mirroring from several servers. Each transaction routes to a different server.

Pan to Chennai..

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