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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 231
Jul 18, 2009 12:13 pm re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai presentation :

Ganesh Ram
After there good rendition(let us give the benefit of the doubt) vetti and sombeari get a rousing applause.

Vetti: It is like, as though the waves were lovingly crashing on the banks.

Sombeari:It feels more like the summer breeze is making the flowers dance in Boston.

When the applause stopped or did it, there was still one clapping pair of hands.They looked around it was vadivel. He finally stopped clapping. They whole restaurant floor was silent and yet there was a ticking noise.

Having been playing, robber and thief in their childhood, both vetti and sombaeri looked at each other. They have been the detective and the assistant in thoes games. Vetti took the fake pipe sombaeri used to have in his mouth in those games.

Sombaeri: You still carry that with you?
Vetti : Mr.Holmes welcome back, it could have been no better to have such an ho(l)m(e)coming.
Sombari: Thank you Watson.

Both look into each others eyes.
Vetti: Sombeari! do not move your eyes.
Sombari: That is what I wanted to tell you.

Vetti sees a blinking red sport in sombeari's eyes.
Vetti: Somebeari, Is your left eye bionic?
Sombeari: Is your right eye bionic?

both together, NO

Sombeari: Hold on,do not move.

Sombeari turns around, he is not able to see anything other than a silveplate hanging on the opposite wall. Turns towards vetti, the left eye has the red light blinking.

Vetti: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Sombaeri: yes, the restaurant is booby trapped. Let me get the spy scanner gizmo my son has. It is a night vision that can also detect the sources of the blinking light.

Sombeari goes to his table, takes his son's backpack pull out the nightvision goggles. The wife smells something fishy. She looks around wondering how come fish smell come in a vegetarian place. Sombaeri looks into her eyes. She pulls her credit card, there is an inline message coming from the digital photo,

It says, "this place is trapped, help me get all the customers out - sombeari" . The message flashes three times.

The wife takes her other credit card, calls for the check(bill) pays a 20% gratuity over the bill. And also places a Rs.500 on the waiter's hand.

The waiter being so happy, escorts the family out. While going out, the waiter asks quizically,

"Madam, unga husband varaliyA?"
Wift:"Avaru naNbana pAthutOrOliyO!, avaLavuthAn. He knows this city well. He will come on his own after some pub hopping".

Sombaeri, scans the whole room. He identifies, four blinking spots. One inside the fish tank, One on the long hand of the wall clock. The other two on two opposite walls, just above Table number 4, at around 6 ft from the floor.

Vetti and sombeari looks around, There are no six footers in the crowd.

Sombaeri: We cannot make the customers run. Let us slowly get the customers out of this place. One table at a time. Do it from table 25 near the exit.

Pan to Boston..

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