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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 220
Jul 19, 2009 12:29 am re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai presentation :

Ganesh Ram
Techie thinks probably too many transactions so the site is well load balanced. But each transactions going to a different ISP? hnnn.. technically advanced and well thought but practically there is a swindling going on. While he is looking deep into the javascript using firebug(techie uses only firefox for all of these detective snoops), there is a call in his blackberry. Looks at it, the call from sombaeri? why is he calling me ? is he not vacationing in India? a thought sweeps techie's minf. He knows. Both use tripit to exchange their whereabouts.

Sombeari: Techie, I need your help can you log on to the ISRO's ChandrayAn ?

Techie: hmmmmm! do I have the access? Let me check with PK.

On the other phone calls PK.

PK: yenna techie pidiciteengaLA? soul pattern yArudhoonu?

Techie: nah! there is something more important. Sombaeri is in chennai in a restaurant. He is asking me to access ChandrayAn. Can you send the permission cert? It is urgent

PK: Sombeari is here? well ok let us discuss that later. You need permission to access chandrayAn. Let me get the ISRO chief into conversation and we will vet that for you.

Techie: How mush time will that take?

PK: Say about 10 minutes

Techie: Sombeari is 10 mintues ok?

Sombeari: I do not know how long I would need. But need to scan a restaurant in chennai and I would need the laser on the moon to be switched on and pointed to this restaraunt. you can see where this call originated in our google map mashup.

Techie to PK: PK I do not have a lot of time. Make it as quick as possible.

PK: eventhough you are not an Indian by citizenship , you have been a great help in saving people in India.

Techie: Cut that out. get me ISRO chief's permission.

PL: Coming to the notepad and to your netbook credit card app.

Techie: Thanks.

Techie sends command to chandrayAn to instruct the laset on the moon to point to the restaurant. The scan is started.

Pan to Chennai....

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