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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 245
Aug 13, 2009 7:35 pm re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai presentation :

Ganesh Ram
at Chengalpattu hospital...

Entering into the hospital, the three PK,Dakshayini and ekamberaewaran approach the reception. PK shows his ID card and enquires,
"where is the accident(ed) body from the motorcycle incident?"

The receptionist, " Sir, Let me tell you something, There seems to be no body coming out of the accident If I am correct"

PK: "what, I was brought all the way here troubling these two only to find out that there was no body?"

Receptionist," Sir, Let me tell you one more thing, There is a note that says please asks the visitor for this incident to meet Dr.Danvantri, the hospital chief".

All three are escorted to Dr.Danvantri's office.

Dr.D: "A moment please!", over the phone, " alright dear! will talk to you later", to the four in front, " That was my daughter doing her medicine in Brown University"

The receptionist, "Chief, these people have come enquiring about the motorcycle accident"

Dr. D: "Oh! what a shameful incident in this hospital communication. Someone mistook my talking to my daughter, when I said "over my dead body". They mistook that as the motorcycle accident had a dead body. Anyways, there was no human dead body. there was a dog that had died though. Hit by a milk van and thrown towards the motorcycle."

At that time, Ekambaraeswaran cell phone rings. Dr.D ,"usually we do not allow cell phones in the hospital, but please go ahead this time".

Ekambareswaran on the cell, "Hello? Satish? oh you are ok and are in an old man's place? oh ok give me the address". To PK, "Sir, my son is in a old man's house and is giving the address, can you please note it down", hand over the cell to PK.

PK," Sathish? hey are you ok? No, they do not know yet. I will let them know when we come to meet you. Go ahead give me the address".

PK notes the address and then hands over the phone to EK.
EK, "yenna, photovA? oh appadiyA? Seri seri nA anga vandhu peasaraen"

DakshAyani," Yennanga, yenna sollarAn yempillA?"
EK, " avan oru thatha veetula irukAnAm. Address koduthurukAn"
To PK, "What was sathish talking to you about"?
PK, "onnum illa sAr, nA sathish yellAm oNNA vaela seyirOm. you might not know about this."

They all go to the Thatha's house, and ring the bell once. there is no response, EK to DAkshAyani, " pOmma, kopnjam kadhava thattaen".

DAkshAyani gets ready to knock on the door. And the Door opens. The old man stands in front of her. DAkshAyani cringes. The Old man puts a sorry face. When she was about to turn her back, the old man with a trembling voice,
"DAkshAyini, innum yetthanai varusham appAva kOchukka pora?"

DAkshAyani" yennakku munnAlae irukkiradhu dhakshan yengura DakshinAmoorthy, yennoda appA, 18 years munnAdi, yenna orAediya vittutA".

EK, " Dakshi, can we please hear him out?, you son is there with him now"

dakshinAmoorthy, "mAppila, annaikku ungala pArtykku koopidala appadeengara orae kAraNathukAga kOchindu pona adhae dAkshAyani, adhae kovam, konjam yenna mannichitaen solla sollungO. YennOda thalaganam yellAm poyAchu. Odinji poiyittaen".

dAkshAyani" neenga annaiki yennOda appAva oru nalla mAmanAr sthAnathula irundhu unga mAppillaiyum invite paNNi irundhA, ivalvu kAlam veeNAyirukAdhu. AnA neenga dakshaNa thAnae nadandundaeL!"

at the background, "nee pAdhi nAn pAdhi kannae" streams, EK looks at dAkshAyini. dAkshAyini's anger sublimes with that look.

over at the restaurant.....

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