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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 256
Sep 27, 2009 1:04 pm re: re: A Ryze Chennai prese

Ganesh Ram
In the Truck......

The video phone rings... Part looks at thre rear view mirror, the Reva is still following.

The video phone rings again... Part switches his camera on the windshield. The dashboard display that projects the GPS info onto the windshield now projects a picture...

From Australia? Impossible he shouted. "What Mission?" came the voice. Did not sound like her, thought Part. "What Mission?" came the voice again. Part waited, The voice again, "What Mission?" . That is three times now.

Part is happy.. It is his fiancée/ the girl who would be his wife in the near future, childhood sweetheart's picture with long hair. There on top of the picture he sees the hair clip that he sent to her last week.

The sweet voice comes on the speaker. Hi Part dear?

"Hey Goats?", shrieks Part.

"Just because I failed in aquaculture finance management in one semester , you do not have to call me such" said the sweet voice from the other end.

"oh come on!" said Parts. "What is your real name?"

"Srirangam Kodhai Nappinai alias Kodhai" replied the sweet voice.

"What is my name?", asked Parts, "Thiruvelikeni Parthasarthy Daddhiavanam" said KOdhai.

"So as a pastoral person, historically speaking, should I not call my love , Goats?" he replied.

Kodhai without life in her words said, "you always have a way to justify what you say".

Parts,"what's happening?, why I do not hear any enthu in your words? and what is all this still photo instead of your lovely face that usually is as bright as the full moon on a dark clear sky?"

Kodhai, "you should not feel bad" she said.

Parts,"when have I looking at you?", at the background in the car, the old tamil song, "Vadanamae Chandra BimabamO" was going on a remix.

Part remembered the days, the two have watched thiruvilayAdal and Muthuraman asking question about the Fragrance of hair on women's head. Kodhai always had long flowing hair that could be spread as a black blanket on a green grass. They have done that on days when they were at OOTy watching a full moon on clear sky.

Part got a huge shock and stepped on the brakes. PK screamed at the rear seat. Luckily, the Kois were in a well balanced freezer tank.

there was Kodhai with a extremely short hair. "What happened?" shouted Part.

"It is a long story" started Kodhai. "Me and my friends were going to this beach the other day, and we came upon a cute little girl probably around 5 years." She was making sand castle with her dad and mom and her brother. suddenly there was a huge gust of wind and her hair flew off and the wig landed on my lap". She stopped for a while.

Parts, "and then....". Goats continued,"and then... she started crying and went to her mom, her dad and mom were not happy either". "I went to them gave the wig back and was talking to her parents, when the story revealed. The girl had been in chemo sessions for about 3 months now for cancer. They are hoping that the chemotherapy will help". At the same time, the mom was looking at my face. She also had a bag with a sign saying "Wigs for Kids". I asked her about that, and she said, that she runs a program that makes wigs with donated hair for cancer patients. I and many of my friends here took her address and went yesterday. We parted with our hair. I did not know how to tell you last week about this when the hair clip arrived. But I was finding it a little difficult to tell you at the house. Amma might find it difficult to digest. Are you Sad?"

Parts, "No dear ! No. I cannot say how proud I am!". In the Annals of our history," You will be called as "Sootapaduvahi kodutha sudarkodi"

in the Reva....

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