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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 225
Dec 08, 2009 12:04 pm re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai prese

Ganesh Ram
Inside the Reva.....

The grenade that fell on gutter went off just when Reva was passing . The explosion threw the Reva up. Shotgun, pressed the eject button and the escape module shot further up with the 4 LPG cannisters firing . Murugan looked at the booster parameters in the module. After going up for 20 meters the LPG burners stopped.

The descent started. one meter, 2 meters.....,

Shotgun's face was looking nervous.

Then it happened. The three parachutes on the top of the escape module opened up .

Shotgun Murugan, heaved a sigh. The desent was still a little fast than expected.

At around 5 mts, the belly balloon was activated automatically. The side air compressors started to force air into the belly balloon.

The whole module landed on a slope and started sliding down to the base. Murugan smiled and patted himself on the back.He had been prototyping this for four years now and today his work has been tested and worked very well.

sAmbhAr looked shivering but with a smile in his face at shotgun and said, "Arae! the mayur module worked great! Give me a five no make it six". Sambhar was aware the shotgun had six fingers in his hands.

Just then shotgun's cellphone rang.

The voice on the cellphone called, "VelA! VadivEAlA!.......". Shotgun looked at the cellphone screen. There is only one person who would call him like that and by that name. His grandmA.

Shotgun answered " Yes pAtti! what is it now?".

The other end his grandma said,"Veetukku vApA" ( Come home my dear)" her voice breaking. Shotgun knew. It was about two years back that he had left home on an argument with his parents. Grandma continued " I know why you are angry, but both you and your brother wanted financing and at that time your prototype was not ready. Both your dad and mom did not have a choice but to fund the stabler timber business if your brother. It is all because of the financing uncle, Huseini, He was ready to finance only one of the ventures. Cannot blame him alone. Your dad and mom found the timber business stable and the elephants used were demanding more food. Your bro, was struggling to feed them. That business has become stable now".

"So is my Mayur pAtti" said shotgun, "We just had an incident when everything worked perfectly well". "Will, uncle huseini, finance me now?". The grandma could not answer. But she knew something that would bring Shotgun home. She started humming, "Valli vara pOra.. Velli maNi thEAra".

Sambar looked at shotgun "TheAra valli A rahi hai kyA?" he questined It was more of a joy than a question.

Over at the brindavan in Srirangam

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