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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 222
Jan 11, 2010 1:16 am re: re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai prese

Ganesh Ram
It is early morning and the sun has just started rising. The sprawling garden of the brindavan has just got lit with the early rays of the sun. The dew drops on the grass blades are exicited. What else can they do? Each night the settle on the grass blades, only waiting eagerly for the next dawn. What else could they do when the sun rays call them?

There is the melodious voice of Bombay Jayashree from a sprawling garden on the other end of brindavan. The song goes as Rama nAmamae thuthi manamae.... . Anyone who had been in TNagar Chennai about 20-25 years back would find quite a similarity in the garden.It is just like the old Panangal park . At the center of the garden instead of the concrete building one saw at panagal park is Dt.Sitalakshmi's house, An eco-friendly one with thatched roof and walls made out of mud and straw. Well ventilated.

VeerSanjeevi, the old man and the caretaker of the garden , working in the garden rushes into the house and switches off the music, murmuring to himself "idhula oNNum Korachal illa".

Dr.SitaLakshmi enters after a good morning shower. She very well know who had stopped the music. She sees Veer walking up and down. She sees her other son, Giri stepping out of the house.

"selamat pagi saudara" , says the doctor.
"selamat pagi kakak", says Veer.
Doc: "Adakah anda mengaktifkan daripada muzik?"
Veer:"tidak ada orang lain yang di sini ialah mereka?"
Doc:"Hal ini hampir 20 tahun tapi masih anda tidak dapat memaafkan suami saya? "
"Ivalavu krodham yedhukku?"
Veer: "yenaku avara KovichikavO illa avar maela kova padarathukO neariyA rights irukku"
Doc: "seri seri nadandhu mudinja kadha, you do know some of it is my own issues. Switch the music on annae"
Veer:" Ok then listen to this song". Veer selects the next song in the player, and goes as 'yeppadi manam thuNindhadhO swAmy..'. The only thing that raw man had done good is to get me an excellent Sister, you kakak".

"Giri kelambitAn annae, inimae Malay vaendAm, thamizhlayae paesalam" says doctor. "yedhuku vandhurikeenga?"

Veer:"thangachi,dhenu odhaikkudhu! nA yedhu koduthAlum adikudhu".

Doc:" Konjam madhuvai niruthineeganA yellAm SariyA poidum"
Veer murmuring,"Giriyum mAdhukaLa pAkaradha korachikaNum".
Doc:"yenna sonneenga?, yennaku yellAm theriyum, avan oru chinna pilla, villayAttu payan"
Giri just returns back hugs veer, "Thatha, yenna summ pOttu kodukaradhae pozhapA pOchu unakku. yenna Mabbula dhenu kitta pOnA pOla irukku?"
Veer:"Giri, konjam vandhu help pannudA?"
Giri:"Weren't you complaining about my friendship with girls?"
Veer: "Dhenu, oru kannukutti, if you have forgotten"
Giri:"Adhukku kooda thatha mabbu therinjirikku".
Doc:"SeridA! thathavum paeranum debate, can you please help veer thatha?"

Veer and Giri go out to get dhenu some food. Doc, relaxes a little and remebers the days of her married life to the Indonesian transport King's Son. A King, was he. In those days in Indonesia,Jakarta, he was the only one who had 10 trucks and 10 buses the huge fleet in SE Asia.

Over to Indonesia...

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