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A Ryze Chennai presentation :Views: 253
Feb 25, 2010 2:16 pm re: re: re: re: re: re: re: A Ryze Chennai prese

Ganesh Ram
The morning dawned as usual. While sipping his favorite java coffee, Mr.Goswami was looking at the giant screen on the wall. It had the latest info
anout his giant empire. Everything looked status green.Mr.Goswami smiled. The business started by his father about 60 years back juat had ten trucks.
Today the business has expanded with a full airfleet operating between Srilanka and Indonesia. A full rubber estate in Makaysia and a horse stable full
of thoroughbred in OOty. he looked at the picture next to it, A huge portrait of him riding his favorite horse in ooty surroundings, Something disturbed
his mind.He thought of his ex-wife, For what I did to her, today I am without an heir to this buziness he sulked. At the time, he heard heavy hustiling
in the hallway. he walked to see what was the commotion.

He saw Suguputra restless and talking to someone in a loud voice pver the phone.Mr.Go walked to him.

Sugu: "IrukAdhiyA! nallA theadineengaLa?"
Mr.Go: "what is it Sugu?"
Sugu closing the mouthpoece, "Nothing Sir, All under control"
Mr.Go: "put it on speaker phone please"
on the speaker: "nallA theadinongaiya! kaNom"
Mr.Go: "ynnatha kANOm"
over the speaker: "Ashwina kANom"
Mr.Go: "WHAT!!"
and sat on the char with a tjud.
"He was the best we had! From when was he not found?"
'Kakuraen illa?"
over the speaker: " Rendu nALA, ooty poora theditomunga"
Mr.Go: "Policee......."
sugu stops him. Muting the phone, :"Sir let us not do that. There have been lot of enquiries for a trade. " and he showed the call signal route. There were
quite a number of eavesdropping on the line. One in particular from Saudi Arabia.

One could easly see the troubled face of Mr.Go eventhough he tried to put up a CEO's face. Just then his partnet from Srilanka, Vibhusena.

I heard all what has happened said vibhu. Can I talk to you in the room?
Mr.Go took him to the private room. A room which no one other than Mr.Go , Vubhu, Sulai yumAn, the rubber estate partner. They went into the room
Vibhu asked Mr.Go, "Ragu!why didn't you track Ashwin?".
Outside at Sugu uses his cellphone to talk to gabbar over in India.
Sigu: "Gabbar?"
gabbar: "oi! sugu kyA hAl hai?"
sugu:"Ashwin bhAg gayA . kyA aap usae tresa kar sakatae ?"
gabbar: "oh man! please say things in english. You mean Ashwin, the thoroughbred is out in loose?".
Sugu: "Yes. And Lawrence from Arabia called and wanted it to be tracecd and pack it to him"
Gabbar: " Ok let me talk to vadivel and see. Over and out"

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