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What Kind of Internet Marketer are YOU?Views: 397
Dec 16, 2007 1:05 pm What Kind of Internet Marketer are YOU?

Steve Bralovich
Once upon a time, long ago, prior to the time of skyscrapers, jets and the Internet, three comrades dreamed of ascending the heights and reaching the clouds.

The most mature of the three was very ambitious and wanted to be the first one to reach the heavens. So he amassed all his money, located the local sage and said "Here is everything I possess, please tell me how I can reach the clouds."

The sage snatched up the money greedily and said "Build a giant sand castle, bigger than any man has ever seen and you most surely will reach the clouds."

The second of the comrades gave all of his money to a similar sage who took his money without hesitation and said "Go northward and collect all the snow and build a colossal staircase out of snow and ice. Then ascend the staircase and you will certainly reach the sky."

The third comrade was the youngest and had no money. But he was totally committed to his goal swearing to do whatever it would take to achieve it. He sought out the wisest and most experienced man in all the land and told him of his dream to reach the clouds.

The wise man smiled, reached into his pocket and gave the youngest man a seed. He instructed him, "To reach the highest clouds, you MUST water and nourish this tiny seed each day. It will not mature overnight, but with the passage of time you WILL reach the heavens."

Can You Guess The Outcome? ...

Rain falling from the sky destroyed the first comrade's sandcastle so he gave up and never reached the clouds.

Sunshine beaming down from the heavens thawed the massive staircase made of snow and ice and the second comrade gave up in despair. He never tried again and so he also never reached the clouds.

But the rain and the sunshine worked together to grow the third manís seed into a sapling at first and later into a mighty redwood tree stretching high into the sky. Eventually it dominated the entire landscape for miles around . In due time, the third comrade reached the clouds just as the wiseman had foretold.

Which man represents the kind of Internet marketer you are?


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