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Apr 13, 2004 3:08 am re: Ken: Steve Goals: Time for a change
steve chichester
Hi, so where are the other letters that precede and relate to this? I think the subject gets even more interesting when the letters can be viewed in sequence. Especially to the new reader. One of the ironys in the human development/human potential business is that 'we" all get trained to perceive a behavior as indicative of a particular motivation. Arms folded across the chest one of defensiveness and closedness. I recall being repeatedly trained as a child to stop putting my hands in my pockets. And of course boys had better pants pockets than girls. So rather than leave arms dangling haphazardly, one may very well cross them. And be perceived as and treated as someone on the defensive. One of the parts I love best about humans, people, is that if it walks like a duck, and squawks like a duck, it still might be a swan. > Sue Tosto wrote: > Ken Wrote: > >>So, believe me. People communicate a lot more than they think. They just don't realize how badly they undermine their case. >>

>>Beat that problem. To engage more people, shorten your list only to preferences that absolutely pertain to your business because it doesn't matter what kind of car they drive. If a dish washer can become a millionaire in the MLM industry, then I want to learn all I can about it and that is why I am a good listener. I really want to know and I seek open minded people who also want to know. >>

>>Ken > > >

Sue Wrote:

> >

I agree Ken. People just don't realize how badly they undermine their case, nor the underlying messages they send without really saying a word as well. I have seen it time and time again.

> >

From time to time I run across an individual who has a hidden agenda for whatever reason and they don't articulate it, yet they come out with it in other ways. In a passive-aggressive manner, yet they seem to think they should be understood instead of addressing the issue directly as opposed to little barbs intended to inflame the recipient. I think it's a shame ... there are much better ways to communicate ones self in a manner which makes both parties feel safe to express themselves. Motive plays a big part in communication. One should always be very clear on what their motive is for writing or saying a particular thing. Don't you think?

> >

Shortening the list of specialties could be an answer. Although the things I mention in my original post, as Steve addressed here, do intertwine. One links to the other at some point and time. I'm not sure what kind of car an individual drives has to do with this. No matter where in life a person is, everyone can benefit from coaching in so many ways. Thanks for your thoughts.

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