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Apr 13, 2004 6:38 am re: Intentions - Motive and Actions was: Time for a change
Rebecca & Ken Aspinwall
Hi Hilary,

I always like your stuff. It's always on the fun side, but has pretty good meaning to it. Please share more in time.

The type situation you describe, I feel like I understand what you are getting at. When you say wishy washy, I understand that these people are not coming out straight to their motive or might be trying to fake people off about their true motives. Could this be what the shrinks call being in denial?

Yes, I see people profess one thing and do another. When I was in high school, there were girls who would try to act like they did not want the attention of a certain boy. It was funny because they brought up the subject in a very public, loud and teasing way. The boy had never indicated an interest in the girl[s] and that left me wondering what on earth were they thinking.

Believe me. I had not a clue.

As people get older, this denial business takes on many shapes. When it comes to children, some parents will not consider the fact that their child has done something wrong. When it comes to a certain kind of woman, they will never admit that their spouse is cheating on them.

On RYZE, we see some people being critical of the MLM industry. In reality, MLM is not the bad thing they say it is because these people simply failed to treat their business as a business. So, their failure is due to what they did, but they will still make negative remarks about the deal or the company or some other connection. All the while, they avoid the truth.

There are critics of Christianity. You can tell by talking to them that they know very little about the true faith, but they are slinging rocks at anything Christian. What are they really doing? They are telling us that something in their religious experience did not go well, but they come off as shallow and short sighted people.

There are people who play the intellectual. They tend to pit one discipline against another. If they looked closer, they would find harmony, but they only see disparity.

People see what they want to see. Sometimes they don't want to see what's really before their very eyes. What makes them afraid of the truth is beyond me.


> Hilary Baumann wrote: >

Sue Wrote:
>"Motive plays a big part in communication. One should always be very clear on what their motive is for writing or saying a particular thing. Don't you think?"


>------------------------------ >

>Just a little bit of my train of thought off of this - a little bit of a rant and a little bit of thinking out loud:
>Although intention or motive often shows through I have also met a few people who use it as their defense for not paying attention to people's needs or wants or what would seem like an action to purposefully hurt them. Saying "but I meant well and that's all that matters" doesn't fix a problem that they created. >

>So I guess in a way that's more like true motive verses conscious or surface motive (what they are saying is "I meant well and care" and their actions are "I was doing something to boost my ego in the guise of caring about someone else without paying attention to that person actual needs or how my actions would actually affect things.") >

>Hmmm... I wonder if anyone else has seem someone behave this way (I don't want to get into the exact details of events that lead me to this conclusion about different people on different occasions.) >

>Maybe they don't want to admit to themselves let alone others what they're true goal is so they come at it in a wishy washy manner. >

>Any thoughts? >


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