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Apr 14, 2004 2:52 am re: re: re: re: Sure... An exercise for everyone...
steve chichester

Eric, An interesting dance. Perhaps if I were not understood the first time I would rephrase, but that would depend on what the listener said they didn't understand; Whether it needed simplifying or a different answer/example.

I agree that how you present an idea is very important, particullarly if your purpose is to influence another person; then one would best identify how one wants to influence the other. If one is coercing to gain the favor of the other, to be perceived favorably by the other, then I think it likely that the form IS the substance.

If one is focused on solving a technical problem, then the idea is at least as important as the form, perhaps far more so. And if one intends to make another feel diminished, demeaned, degraded, then both form and idea are very important. Probably the same if one intends to make the other feel worthy and uplifted.

I think it's an interesting subject, and particullarly in a live and real discussion. There are many here, two "hot" ones in the last few days. Not much need to search, to make up situations..from my perspective. (Is that-my perspective-what IMHO means?)

Steve Chichester

> Eric Sohn wrote: >

Mea culpa... in other words, use different words, phrases, etc. to make the exact same point. Re-answering could mean answering with a different answer.


For example, if you answered a question with an example, rewording or rephrasing might lead you to simplify the example. Reanswering might lead you to make your point in a different way.


I'm not focused on having you reconsider your content, but on your form. How you present your ideas is, in some respect (at least IMHO), more important than the ideas themselves.


Is that clearer? Would it help if I did an example?


Coach Eric

> >

steve chi wrote:

> >
What does this mean? Re-word, and rephrase...not re-answer. Cryptic communications may be crippled.

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