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Apr 15, 2004 2:48 pm :) OH LOL Making people fight
Sue T.

Oh did I? heh ... I thought you were rephrasing yourself (quack quack ... yah, ok that was corny) OK so this is the question, yes?

(YOU) Let me turn that around... What could rephrasing your communications do for you beside gaining clarification and avoiding misconceptions? Think: How might that positively impact your business? Your networking? Your marketing?

My responses.

Business: Well I would be of the mind that it would affect my business in the sense where people will come or go based on what they are hearing and/or reading. If I am open in my communications and seek understanding as opposed to being right ... wouldn't this make a big difference on a potential business deal becoming a safe investment/environment?

Networking: Yah well if this is the personal end of networking where you meet face to face, you only have about what? 10 minutes to make an impression? I handle those things differently. I do not want to make an impression by..hey that's probably why I don't do a good elevator speach. I feel that they will be drawn to me for me... it may sound silly, and then I listen and take as much time as each person may like from me. It may not be good business sense in a room full of 200 people but I cant get to them all anyway, so why not enjoy talking to one, one on one and having them seek me out later due to that conversation.

Marketing: Hmmm. Me not know. :) What do you think? I would assuuuuuuuume that in marketing, one must communicate cleanly as well ... be bold, not follow the norm., take risks ... be passionate! Be understanding ... of not only the other party's needs but of your own capabilities as well to help that individual. Howz that grab ya!

SO! Have I communicated cleanly? or should I try again ... :) Yah, this is fun.

What if we were to rephrase "making people fight" into "drawing people out to express their views and opinions in an open and safe environment" ...

> Eric Sohn wrote: >
Are you saying it's beneficial to invite people to have a heated debate in order to get to the root of the problem? One would think they're rather learn better communication skills.

Having to improvise brings out new ideas. Having to respond to attacks and counterarguments forces responses, which will force you to improvise - and think. Same thing holds if your attack is responded to, but you still don't like the idea - you have to think on your feet to come up with another argument.


Coach Eric


Of course, you ducked my question... :`)


Private Reply to Sue T. (new win)

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