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FuFa Fiesta in different cities.Views: 119
Nov 06, 2005 4:22 am re: re: FuFa Fiesta in different cities.

Badmarsh Ladka
Well...if it's places you want tooeat..I have tonnes..
Ok so I'm sure ONE day or another you'll are gonna land up in Goa..and everyones gonna ask someone or the other WHERE's A GOOD PLACE TO EAT???..
hmmmm...tough one...
well Maybe I can Help a bit..( :D )
Ok...here's osme options
If your a Veg Girl/Guy
you might wanna check out Navtaras in Panjim or even kamat's near the panjim church..although their Menu is a bit limited..
If you wanna try the Goan Fish Curry Rice...take it from a Local Goan...don't Waste your time and Money eating at some flashy place cause their gonna rip you off serve you crap and then laugh in the kitchen that they made you eat crap and you PAID for it...(doesn't make you feel to good doeas it???)
Go to some of the small looking places... It may look a bit shady but believe the food is better, ask someone for a government canteen places or at times you find places that only serve food in the afternoons(usually family's that cook food for others)eg:- Anandaashram in Panjim on 31st January Rd. ( I've been there myself and really like the food) there's also some near the Goa Medical College Bambolim a few meters from the main entrance gate... you can ask wanyone...they'll let you know..
The food is good and Cheap(20 buck's or a little more)
Not 100-150 bucks that a 5 star would charge...the only thing you do at a five star is use the Clean toilets(and leave them clean Mind you)
any ways...
If you like Le NOn Veg...
where do I start?????
Ok let me start with my favor..
theres Inferno's in Candolim...(I still DREAM bout the spare ribs and steaks mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......)
Theres also Brittos in Baga..their Meat platter is worth the money..
Well if you want to indulge in Exotic meat's (Deer,turtle,Bat etc...don't cringe till you've tried it)
there's a few places but..lets just leave that name for the REALLY interested shall we..
You can also try Fisherman's cove right next to Inferno's in Candolim
Starlight On the Arpora road..on the way to the Saturday Night market...
There's Texas in Panjim(try the Green Coconut Chicken..made with tender cocnut..goes well with butter naans)
Shere E Punjab..ask for the Tangdi Kabab (not on the menu btw.. you have to Ask for it..little secret)
If you make a trip to Palolem(which everyone in their life time must do ONCE) try eating at Found things...the 9 of us ate for 200 bucks!!!!! OK you'll might not get the same kinda bill but..then the food was good.
Well if your not feeling that hungry...and would like a little Snack..don't go to these Fancy shmancy places..they have nothing worth sinking your teeth into..try the D'Silva caterer's at Miramar Beach..esp cutlet bread, and pork chop with bread...filling and sinfully delicious..
Well I'm kinda drowning with places and I'm feeling hungry so I'll continue some other time... :D

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