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Do you think like a hacker?Views: 106
Sep 12, 2006 9:55 am re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Do you think like a hacker?

Music... called Life!!!!
select the text to chk out for the answers.... :-)))

1. since this is the start of the game, you¡¯ll find your 1st clue here to get to the next part¡­ and the answer to this is¡­
2. 2.html¡­ very simple so far¡­ read on¡­
3. three.html¡­ hmmm¡­ still simple¡­
4. roman numerals this time¡­ answer is iv.html¡­
5. this time, word five in reverse¡­
6. the word six with each letter spelled twice¡­
7. the number 7x¡­ 7777777.html¡­ still so simple¡­ go on¡­
8. now, this is were it starts to get a little confusing¡­ you will see uranus as the clue¡­ and that is the 7th planet, right? so, answer for the next one is¡­ tada!! neptune.html
9. this one really got me, until i find out that this is a German word [Google really is a friend in need¡­]¡­ found out that this word is the German equivalent for the word ¡®eight¡¯¡­ so, i looked for an English to German dictionary, entered the word ¡®nine¡¯ and got ¡®neun.html¡®¡­
10. you are then presented with the 10 of Clubs card¡­ what is next after this? 11 of Clubs? no!! it¡¯s a Jack!! answer here is jack.html¡­
12. this next one is easy also¡­ answer is tWeLvE.html
13. you can now see the number ¡®144¡ä¡­ what is it? think!! ok¡­ if you don¡¯t know, ¡®12¡ä is the square root of ¡®144¡ä, so that means, 13 x 13 is equal to: 169.html
14. you can now see nothing on screen except of a black background¡­ what do you do? hmmm¡­ try clicking here¡­ no? how about here¡­ no? try highlighting¡­ voila!! answer is: number14.html
15. you now see the Spanish word ¡®catorce¡¯¡­ what is fifteen in Spanish? yep! it is quince.html¡­
16. i can now see ¡®buchanan¡¯¡­ hmm¡­ Pat Buchanan? nope¡­ moving on¡­ lemme see¡­ go to http://google.com and enter ¡®Buchanan¡¯ as the search term¡­ oh! he was the 16th US President!! before, you guessed it, lincoln.html!!
17. there is s¨¦decim on the page¡­ i don¡¯t really know what this word is, so i searched it again but found nothing about it, except for this page, and the answer can be found within: septendecim.html
18. now, we all know that ¡®argon¡¯ is the 18th element¡­ so i looked for an online periodic table and found out that the 19th element is: potassium.html
19. you now see ¡®ojofuffo¡¯¡­ that is a simple coding used a long time ago where you just have to replace each letter with the next letter in line¡­ for example: n=o, i=j, e=f, t=u¡­ so replacing ojofuffo with them, i get the word ¡®nineteen¡¯¡­ so, next answer is uxfouz.html
20. i see ¡®icosagon¡¯¡­ 1st time i¡¯ve heard this word, so what is a man to do, but Google it!! found out that this word means a 20-sided polygon¡­ so, again search for the tems ¡®21-sided poygon¡¯¡­ from Math Forum, found out that a 21-sided polygon is called either the icosikaihenagon or the icosihenagon¡­ tried both, and the winner is: icosihenagon.html
21. you are now presented with the number-series ¡®1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ¡­¡¯ with the last clue being a big ¡®10946¡ä¡­ looking at the numbers, you¡¯ll find out that the next number is the sum of the last 2¡­ meaning, if i add 13 and 8 together will give me 21¡­ so, i fired up my trusty spreadsheet application, entered a 1 in one cell, and another 1 in the cell below that, typed in the formula ¡®=b2+b1¡ä [which gave a ¡®2¡ä], then copied and pasted that formula all the way down until i get a very large number¡­ on the same page, i looked for the number ¡®10946¡ä¡­ so, next answer is: 17711.html [Edit: later found out that this series is the Fibonacci number] whi is ¡°important in the run-time analysis of Euclid¡¯s algorithm to determine the greatest common divisor of two integers¡±¡­ whatever that means¡­ )
22. again, a nice little play on the character positioning¡­ the first capital character goes from A forward to Z, while the 4th character goes from ¡®z¡¯ backward¡­ with the clue ¡®Vooey¡¯, we can see that the next and final answer is: Woody.html

and that¡¯s it!! after the last clue, you will be shown a dancing image of Granny, a Walt Disney Warner Bros character with the following texts:



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