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7 inches laptop with free internet usage for 12 months for Rs 7999 onlyViews: 139
Aug 05, 2010 1:13 pm re: 7 inches laptop with free internet usage for 12 months for Rs 7999 only
business only Service & support 1 year Warranty
Processor type Samsung electronics, ARM920T-S3C2540
Speed Loads web pages in 7 secs Mobile broadband wherever you are The Ubisurfer is an ultra fast and ultra portable mobile Internet Net book. The Ubisurfer is backed by a patented data compression / acceleration technology, which allows end-users to experience a faster, richer mobile Internet experience. Our patented technology ensures that web pages are delivered at high speeds even over slow network connections. This means that you can use the Ubisurfer wherever you can use a mobile phone and still get pages in less than 7 seconds, there's no need for WiFi access or 3G coverage. When you request a page using your Ubisurfer our powerful servers quickly retrieve that page for you, lay it out, compress it and then deliver it to your hand in the blink of an eye. This means that the Ubisurfer works just fine over the ubiquitous GPRS mobile data network, a technology that most other mobile devices struggle to use because of the web's increasing requirement for greater and greater bandwidth. Not only that, but, because the web page is prepared before it's delivered it's already been laid out just right, so you don’t have to sit for a few minutes waiting for the page to load.

The UbiSurfer is one of the lightest mobile netbooks in the world, weighing in at only 700 grams!

Ubisurfer is all set to revolutionise the consumer experience. Staying connected means making quicker, better decisions and being more productive. With the UbiSurfer you are always connected be it for your personal use, small business or enterprise applications.

A Complete Computer: Whether you want to create or edit Office documents, play a game, look up a word in the dictionary or flick through your image gallery, all of this can be done offline so you are not using up your inclusive free Internet allowance. You can also organize your calendar, create voice memos with the voice recorder, view PDFs and listen to music anytime, anywhere, with no need for Internet access.

Communication : Email, Instant Messaging, social networking sites, blogs and Chat on the UbiSurfer keeps you connected with colleagues, friends and family, where ever you may be.

Commerce: With its award-winning technology the UbiSurfer allows you to comparison-shop, whilst in-store so you can always be sure that you'll get the best price. If you're the type to forget an inspired gift idea just as quickly as you thought of it then the UbiSurfer can save you wracking your brains, with high-speed access and a secure connection you can buy that special gift whenever the mood strikes.

Productivity & Connectivity : The UbiSurfer delivers more productivity and connectivity to professionals in various fields, such as Estate Agents, Share Traders, Doctors, Sales Professionals, Field Engineers and anybody else that works away from their desk. By opening up access to an enormous array of web-based applications supporting almost every industry the UbiSurfer becomes one of the most versatile tools available. Not only does it give access to real time information but by employing online office productivity applications it allows you to work on documents as well as comment on or edit the work of others. For such a compact device, the UbiSurfer gives you incredible flexibility.

Research: The world wide web has become the ultimate repository of information. Over 100 billion pages of information contain the answer to any question – sometimes many answers to the same question – but always a diversity of opinion and perspective. Students have become reliant on the web for study, and now the UbiSurfer allows them to study even on the beach. Take the UbiSurfer with you on holiday to instantly look up information about attractions, local history or wildlife when you're out and about.
When visiting a prospect, the ability to research their company, background and competitors, while sitting in the reception is very powerful. With the UbiSurfer, you'll never be caught off-guard, with access to an infinite amount of content at your fingertips.

Information & Entertainment : Get your news, weather or sports information as it happens. Follow your favourite team, get up-to-the-minute online information about important games and sports news. The UbiSurfer is not only a great source of information, but a gateway to the world of online entertainment, with applications like online betting and fantasy sports, in the palm of your hand. Use your UbiSurfer to sharpen your wits at the poker table or manage your own team in the fantasy leagues.
With the entire web at your fingertips you've also got access to local directories wherever you are so you can find a great new restaurant, a sports bar, local movie listings and even a taxi to get you home. Keep your UbiSurfer in your bag or jacket when you're out and you'll have the only travel guide you'll even need so you'll never be caught short.
UbiSurfer lets you do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.

Mapping: Know where you are, what's around you and get directions to where you need to go – Although the UbiSurfer does not have an in-built GPS module, by using Google Maps or other similar mapping websites, you can enter your location and the UbiSurfer will help you find local businesses and get directions to wherever you need to go.

UbiSurfer can help you get your hands on useful realtime information for local amenities, attractions or points of interest straight from the web. This allows you to perform local searches, giving you telephone numbers, addresses and route information so you can ditch the guides and maps and make better use of your time.

Travel: Make hotel reservations, check flight schedules, check ferry times and book taxis all in real-time. The UbiSurfer offers the convenience of making travel reservations, checking train schedules and pricing, without being tied to a desk. You can get the latest details on your journey or even book your transport when you're already travelling.
When abroad, use free online translation in order to communicate in over a dozen different languages or just use the web to find your way around, get city maps or public transport details.


How big is it?
At a mere 700 grams, the UbiSurfer measures 222 x 165 x 29.5 mm.
How fast is it?

DataWind’s patented technologies enable 10X speed improvement over current mobile data networks. Average page downloads time is under 7 seconds, which saves precious time and provides better experience to the user.
How is it powered?
A lithium polymer rechargeable battery keeps the device powered through active usage for to 4 hours. An A/C power adapter is included with the device.

Does it have a touch-screen?
The device provides a full QWERTY keyboard and uses a touchpad mouse pointer instead of touch screen.

What is the size and quality of the screen?
The UbiSurfer has a 7 inch TFT Wide Screen display (800 x 480 pixels)

What type of keyboard does the UbiSurfer have?
A full QWERTY keyboard, which allows for fast data entry.

What OS (Operating System) does the UbiSurfer use?
There are two versions of the UbiSurfer. The first version had a Linux OS and our newest device now runs with Microsoft WinCE.

How does it work?
DataWind has developed an acceleration and data compression technology unlike any other, allowing full access to ALL websites through the UbiSurfer and its integrated cellular modem. The acceleration technology means that the UbiSurfer can deliver a blazingly fast connection even when there is a poor signal using only GPRS technology.

Can I get my email? Can I access multiple email accounts on the UbiSurfer?
Yes. Users can access email either by surfing to their online provider or use the UbiSurfer’s built in email client which allows access to multiple email accounts. With just one single click you get access to all your emails from up to 10 accounts.

How long does the Battery last?

The battery life is 4 hours active usage and 4 days standby usage. The battery takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge on the first charge and 2 hours for a full charge after that. The battery should last for several years if the UbiSurfer is properly handled and maintained.

How secure is it?

Very – You can access https:// sites and other secure sites (SSLs, VPNs) and do your day to day banking, trade stocks, access other financial and personal information securely on your UbiSurfer. The GPRS connection between the device and our servers sends data that can only be interpreted by the device or our servers. Servers are located in highly secured data centers and employ the latest security and encryption technologies.

Are there any other devices like this on the market?

No. Nothing compares to its speed and full Web access for FREE.

Is this unit ready to access the internet straight out of the box?

The UbiSurfer requires an initial registration procedure (for the mobile broadband which is built in) but once this is done you a ready to surf.

Does the UbiSurfer have a cd/dvd drive?

The UbiSurfer does not have a cd or dvd drive but it does have an push-push SD slot and 3 x USB ports.

Can I use Facebook on the UbiSurfer?

Yes. Access the web just as you would on your desktop.

Can I download music files and transfer them to an MP3 player?

Yes, while on a WiFi network, music files can be downloaded, and then transferred to your MP3 player.
Can I chat on Instant Messenger applications like MSN Messenger on the UbiSurfer?
Yes. The UbiSurfer supports all popular IM applications, including MSN Messenger.

How much storage space is there on the UbiSurfer?
The UbiSurfer has a 1GB SSD (solid state disk) shock proof storage plus 50GB of secure online storage.

Yes. The UbiSurfer supports all popular IM applications, including MSN Messenger.

How much storage space is there on the UbiSurfer?
The UbiSurfer has a 1GB SSD (solid state disk) shock proof storage plus 50GB of secure online storage.

Mobile broadband wherever you are

The UbiSurfer is revolutionizing the concept of mobile Internet by offering – FREE USAGE. Included in the price of the UbiSurfer is 30 hours of usage per month free for the first year, more than enough for the average user. DataWind pays the network operator, so you don't have to. This means:

You pay nothing else, no separate fees to the network operator.

No activation fees & no service charges.

Works right out of the box.

How's it free?

Because of the patented data compression technology that drives the UbiSurfer; our breakthrough client/server architecture reduces the amount of data consumption while maintaining a desktop like web experience. Not only does this make your browsing experience blazingly fast, it also helps to keep the cost down. Whilst network operators are scrambling over themselves to sell the very latest 3G services and contracts to people along with devices that chew up more and more megabytes, the UbiSurfer takes advantage of one of the longest standing and best value data services on the mobile phone network, GPRS. In addition to this, the UbiSurfer also has WiFi and LAN connectivity, allowing you to surf the web for an unlimited period of time, and it’s absolutely FREE!

The cost of running a UbiSurfer is much lower than comparable Netbooks. Alternate netbooks require external wireless data modems, lengthy contracts and hundreds of pounds in annual data fees. With the UbiSurfer, you save hundreds of pounds each year, as we give you 30 hours usage a month for the first year for FREE. To carry on using the UbiSurfer for another year costs less than 99Rs and if you want to have unlimited usage it's only 99Rs per month. For the average user this cost is far less than running a home PC!

If you use up your free usage hours in a month, your UbiSurfer will stop you from surfing any more, unless you are connected by WiFi or LAN. You will not be charged extra nor will you be permitted to surf on the GPRS network anymore in that month. You will be offered an opportunity at that point in time to upgrade to an unlimited usage plan for a nominal amount per month. There is no contract or credit check for this plan; however a credit card is required to pay for this plan. This can be done at the moment you hit free usage hours or by calling the customer service line at any time and giving the required information.

A perfect travel companion, the UbiSurfer is a connected netbook that delivers fast, easy and free internet access. Utilising an embedded SIM, the UbiSurfer allows you to surf the web anytime, anywhere, for FREE! You only need to pay for the device, not the usage, since 1,800 minutes of web access for a full year on Vodafone’s UK wireless network is included in the cost of the device. The UbiSurfer also includes WiFi connectivity for unlimited internet within hot-spot range. In addition to WiFi and LAN connectivity, the embedded cellular modem, empowers the UbiSurfer to get you on the Internet easily, wherever you have mobile phone signal, thus making the Internet truly ubiquitous.

The UbiSurfer has a 800x480 pixel, 7 inch wide bright TFT screen display for delivering graphics and rich web page functionality. A full QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad mouse pointer, gives you complete control, allowing you to do more, but carry less. The UbiSurfer is one of the world’s lightest netbook, weighing in at only 700 grams. Not only is the UbiSurfer therefore ultra portable, but with page-load times of under 7 seconds, you’ll be flying around the web. Furthermore, there is no contract, no monthly fees and no activation charge, which means the mobile Internet is truly FREE! Just take the UbiSurfer out of its box and with the press of button, you’re on the net!

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